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Poker terminology donk betting california aiding and abetting breach of fiduciary duty

Poker terminology donk betting

Bankroll Management. Summer Series. Bet Bonusz Kod. Bet Bonus Kod Polecajacy. Tournament Results Online Poker Rooms Players in the News Poker on Television The World Series of Poker Poker Legal Issues Other Poker News Miscellaneous King Articles Definition of Donk Bet What is the definition of a "donkbet" in poker?

What is meant by the term "donk bet" in poker? Everybody folds around to the SB, who decides to call, as does the BB. There are now three players in the hand. Let's say that the flop brought 8c-Js-3s. In this case, the BB may have something like J-9 and is wanting to bet his top pair. Donk-leading into the PFR is the only way to miss out on this information. Note : Take your game to the next level with The Upswing Lab — a poker training course that will help you win more money at the tables.

Click here or below to learn more. If we donk-bet with a bunch of our strong hands, we risk leaving our checking range vulnerable to overbets. Given our bet size, we decide to employ a bluff-to-value ratio on the flop of roughly 2.

We choose the following bluffs 87 combinations :. That is total combinations of c-bet hands out of our initial range of combos, which comes out to a c-bet frequency of This means that the strongest hand the big blind will check to us is QJ.

With a roughly 2. Despite identical bet sizing, we are able to c-bet much more often against a player with a donk-bet range, thus winning the pot much more often. With a few small tweaks to our attack plan, we were able to increase our c-bet frequency from This means that we are able to win the pot more than twice as often when Villain caps his checking range. When attacking a capped range, we can increase our EV by making the following changes to our betting strategy:.

The main disadvantage to check-raising is that you cannot check-raise if Villain checks back the flop. One of the problems with donking is that it reduces the number of very strong hands in our checking range, and so our check-raise strategy will suffer. Donking is therefore difficult to properly balance with a check-raise strategy — you will often need to use a mixed approach with some of your strongest hands to ensure that you have them in both ranges e.

Mixed approaches are difficult to implement in practice. Unless all of your ranges are properly balanced, you will lose more EV from donking than you will gain. There used to be an abundance of weak players that would play fit-or-fold on the flop, often donking with their strong holdings. C-bets practically print money against players like these. We can take advantage of this fact by check-raising wider. Against these players, having as many strong holdings in our check-raise range is ideal.

Since our check-raise strategy will be so successful against high c-bet frequencies, donk-betting has little merit. When calling a pre-flop raise from the big blind, we will often have many hands that the PFR will not — hands like baby pairs, suited gappers, offsuit connectors. The range of a PFR often contains many broadway and suited-ace hands. This means that on some board textures, the PFR will have whiffed the flop with a large proportion of his range. Donk-betting is the only way to prevent in-position player from checking back and realizing the equity of his overcards.

On low to middling dynamic flop textures — ones with many turn cards that could change the distribution of equity — it is more acceptable to donk in order to prevent Villain from taking a free card. Plus, it allows you to name your own price for your draws and vulnerable hands. In multi-way pots, the need to defend your checking range is reduced because the remaining players will contribute to the defense of the pot against bluffs.

Remember, your donking range always needs to be properly balanced in a way that works well with your check-raise strategy. Building a donking range is similar to how you would build any other betting range. First, figure out what hands you want to bet for value, and then balance them with an appropriate amount of bluffs.

However, we also need to remember to retain strong hands for our check-raise and check-call ranges in order to prevent Villain from overbetting aggressively. When we analyze this board texture, the following factors allow us to consider building a donk-betting range:. We need to choose a donk-betting size before building the range.

Using a small size allows us to see a cheap turn card with our draws — effectively a blocker bet.

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Formerly " gaybet ", before that "bet-from-nowhere". My donkbet on 6th street was meant to represent the flush I had showing. I donkbet the river with my weak hand, to avoid giving a free showdown. To place a bet in first position on the river in texas holdem with little or no value to be gained. This play is used as a bluff and a scare tatic , most likely resulting in additional bets gained at a latter time. I had missed a draw and I led out on the river knowing I could not win this was a donk bet.

I had AK offsuit and the board came down , I just threw a donk bet. Eee-o eleven UrbDic Rush B Cyka Blyat Pimp Nails Backpedaling Definition of Donk Bet What does the term "donk bet" mean in the world of poker? What is the definition of the term "donk bet"? In poker, a "donk bet" is a post-flop bet that doesn't seem to make much sense. For instance, let's say that there is a pre-flop raiser that is called by two people. After the flop, a player at the table that is out of position decides to bet half the pot.

Instead of waiting for the person in position who also raised pre-flop to place a continuation bet which any decent player is going to do most of the time , this out of position player puts out an odd wager.

This is also called a "donk bet". In the scenario listed above, both of the other players that are involved in the hand will slow up tremendously, as they will be sure that the donk betting player has flopped a huge hand. A decent player, on the other hand, is almost certainly going to let the pre-flop raiser put in a continuation bet in order to continue to build the pot if they flopped a big hand, whereas the "donk bettor" will likely scare people off.

It is always important to consider things like position and which players were aggressive pre-flop when deciding how to play your hand after the flop, especially if you are out of position. In the case listed above, the "donk bettor" has almost certainly minimized the amount of money that they will be able to make on the hand.

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It's typically considered an unorthodox and unusual move because the traditional play after passively calling a bet out of position would be to check the next round--a donk bet is unexpected and can throw off your opponent's plans for the hand.

This is as opposed to continuation betting, which is a bet made in or out of position after you have made the last bet or raise on the previous round, and thus have the betting initiative. Under the right circumstances, however, it can be very good--by no means does donk betting necessitate bad play.

I was in the big blind and I called the button's opening raise. Most people would check the flop here whether or not they hit anything, but I decided to bet the flop before the button had another chance to act. This is a donk bet because: A I was out of position the button gets to act after me on all postflop betting rounds; therefore, he has position on me , and B I did not have the betting initiative I merely called the button's raise on the previous round--I did not make the last bet or raise and thus I did not have the initiative.

In poker, a bet made when first to act on a given street, after having checked and called the preceding street s. Formerly " gaybet ", before that "bet-from-nowhere". My donkbet on 6th street was meant to represent the flush I had showing. I donkbet the river with my weak hand, to avoid giving a free showdown.

To place a bet in first position on the river in texas holdem with little or no value to be gained. This play is used as a bluff and a scare tatic , most likely resulting in additional bets gained at a latter time. Donk bet? The donk bet stands for "donkey" bet, where the term donkey designates the worse poker players. Like anything else in poker, it can be a very good move or a very bad one. It depends on who is doing it and at what limits you are playing.

It is true that fish would not know better, but sharks can use it as well. And the donk bet can be a scare technique if well timed. What is a donk bet? A donk bet is a bet made by a player before the player who has the initiative. Here is the deal. In this case player2 has the initiative as he is representing the strongest hand. Therefore he is expected to automatically bet at the flop, and the standard play is to check to him.

In our example, player1 will check and then player2 who has the initiative will bet. This is called a continuation bet. From there, the rest of the hand can unfold in many different ways. If instead player1 who is first to act bets, this is unexpected and this is called a donk bet. Given the strength displayed by player1 who is out of position, they both fold. The end result is the worse for player1 who got no extra chips in the pot to pay off his monster hand. This is why if player1 hits the flop with a big hand, the standard move is to check, so that he can either check-call or check-raise when player2 bets.

But novice players do not know all that; they simply bet because they have a big hand, ruining its potential in the process. Hence the name donk bet. How to identify the Donks. There are exceptions to the derogatory idea that the donk bet is only made by players who do not know better.