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In2lol betting advice

Hand to the ground. Eyes to the sky. Listening, watching, quick strides towards an unknown target. The forests stretch out before them. The wind a their backs. Riot - Friday, February 08, We saw some truly terrific games and new things out of old teams, but North America isn't the only region playing. Europe has been resurgent in recent months and might just be the best region in the world. With Team SoloMid's new partnership and sponsorship deals, they get the chance to be on a streamed web reality show.

They're also changing their name! For additional information about Gangster Twitch here, see, and I got lotsa bones to pick with lotsa champions. We've had busy busy week in esports for this first week of season 3. We've had everything from more new sponsors, a team left with only 3 members, an interesting post on Reddit by Janook, and some information coming out for TSM!

Continue reading for all of the information you want to know about the eSports scene. A new champion and skin sale starts tomorrow! Continue reading for video previews of the discounted skins! Reign of Gaming - Thursday, February 07, How'd That Taste? Singed has a high win rate and a high troll factor. Lanefeed - Thursday, February 07, Riot - Thursday, February 07, The sponsorship also includes a partnership with CBS Interactive, which looks to bring the team more exposure in a big way.

All skins get the same early sale but legendaries only get that sale. Of course, you could get it as a drop or, if not, the skin will retain the same price on the store so you can save for it if you want without any rush. Your Comment. Name required. E-mail required. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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February 7, at February 8, at February 9, at Mary says:. September 19, at September 20, at October 7, at Angel says:. October 10, at Grayleus says:. October 9, at October 8, at Jaime says:. March 25, at Biscus says:. November 29, at November 30, at December 5, at December 6, at December 7, at Mich says:. December 23, at December 25, at January 6, at January 8, at Dylan says:.

December 26, at December 30, at January 1, at January 2, at January 3, at January 5, at Jinxed Launcher says:. February 1, at February 3, at February 5, at Myrza says:. May 20, at May 27, at May 28, at June 16, at Major model changes for Jinx and new models for her rocket launcher Fishbones, minigun Pow-Pow and shock gun Zapper. New sounds for her recall and music for her dance.

New quotes when moving, attacking and using Zap!. Starting with the background, it suffers from an intense blur as depth of field and the right side is a nondescript mess of shapes. On the other hand, the left side shines with multiple champion references like Miss Fortune, Twitch and, possibly, Urgot.

Instead of going straight to the underground of the Prohibition Era it switches towards the trendy Roaring Twenties. The flapper style is refreshing and also allows for a more playful style that fits such a liberal approach to life. The model looks a bit flat in terms of textures but the modelled elements are correct.

The pearl necklace could have been longer and worn with several loops or even twists or knots as it looks comically big. The new dance is a clever addition but the recall seems a bit whimsical. However, the transformation of her cello case into a minigun is quite nice and offsets the preposterous cannon on her back. With mayhem all around her Jinx makes her way precariously holding to a dragon shaped rocket; makes perfect sense. Still, the abundance of sparks makes it clear that Jinx is on to something.

The shading is a bit simple on Jinx though and clearly contrasts with the detail offered by the metal; as if two images were imposed one atop the other. In the sum of its parts, the splash art succeeds. The setting is simple but eloquent and Jinx puts her heart in display for all to see.

Therefore, it could very well be considered one of League of Legends best splash arts. In fact, she seems to be right at home. Although, the ornamented dragon design of her weapons, Fishbones and Pow-Pow, is attractive with its golden dragon heads over dark shades. Still, the real highlight is the fantastic firework particles that are effectively complemented by new sounds.

Nonetheless, the general feel is appealing. Strangely, Zap! The contrary can be said when shooting the Super Mega Death Rocket! All things considered, Firecracker Jinx is a stunning skin despite the absence of actual firecrackers. Therefore, this is a great looking and sounding skin but also a peculiarly expensive one.

If you are a big fan of Jinx or fireworks then catch it on sale. New smoke for Pow-Pow. New sounds for Get Excited! The foreground is, fortunately, the complete opposite. Here we find the zombie slayers enjoying their job against the hordes of the undead. The stains on their clothes and bodies show that they like the get quite involved in the activity.

However, they are being flanked by an unusual enemy. In this area, the context is not only clearer but also more meaningful. While the zombie horde is suggested more than shown their presence is clear. The only exception to the emptiness of the background is the presence of a certain legendary undead that has his flames ready to join the battle; if he can stagger there on time. Without a doubt the portrayal of the champions at combat is the central part of the piece.

Their portrayal exhibits a magnificent use of colour and light that manages an attractive display. Even the regular zombie on the corner of the foreground displays quite a bit of detail. Each surface and texture is meticulously drawn and shaded with the correct use of depth of field effects; which adds to the portrayal. For the most part, each champion has their place and their personality is eloquently presented. Ultimately, it is an uneven splash art.

The background, though clearly secondary in importance, is plain and uninteresting. In stark contrast, the foreground takes the reins of the whole piece and presents a battle for survival that shows the best that each champion has to offer. In consequence, this is a great portrayal backed by a disappointingly presented setting.

At a glance, Slayer Jinx is a bit of a disappointing skin. Her appearance seems too similar to her classic one and only the more industrial approach of her weapons differentiates it. Even so, it looks like a normal change of clothes for Jinx: something she could use in her everyday mayhem and not actually custom made for a zombie outbreak survivor. She still looks good but the casual clothing is unremarkable and even seems to downplay her madness.

The new look for her weapons is appealing but nothing impressive. Exactly the same can be said about the particles and sounds. Surely nothing looks bad but it all seems to play too safe without innovation in any area. All things considered, Slayer Jinx is a fine looking skin but also pedestrian. New flying familiars: Shiro and Kuro. New particles for her familiars, abilities, auto-attack, high-speed run, standing idle, death and recall.

New animations for her familiars, abilities, auto-attack, standing idle, walk, high-speed run, death, recall, emotes and dancing animations for her weapons while still. New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack, high-speed run and recall plus new voice-over. New quotes when taunting certain champions, when idle, recall, respawn, buying certain items, killing champions, getting a killing spree and pentakill, destroying a tower, using a health potion, placing a ward, attacking Baron Nashor and Dragon.

At a glance, the background is a group of clouds that may cover the circumference of Earth. The only thing of relevance is Jinx and her friends. On the right we find Shiro, the familiar corresponding to her minigun carrying her rocket launcher; which corresponds to Kuro.

On the left we also find her shock gun Zapper floating nearby without much rhyme or reason to do so. Regardless, it allows a clear view of the weapon and suits the fact that she may be in free fall or floating on the air. Moving on to Jinx, her anime-like lines are clear and evident but the soft colours and gradient of shades give depth to the surfaces. This allows her portrayal to avoid looking flat and gives her appearance a more realistic feel.

Her ponytails twirl and twist with wild whims which add to the spontaneity so inherent to Jinx; as her face clearly displays. Unfortunately, not everything is perfect. The right arm appears blurred and the burst of light dim and lifeless. Sadly, elements on both left and right show reduced quality and the background is perfectly inconsequential.

Youthful and passionate, Star Guardian Jinx effectively adapts her natural rebellious personality into that of a magical girl. The clothing follows the expected style but with some veiled punk elements proper of her nonconformism. While the clothes are nothing extraordinary they are appealing and her wild red ponytails add a touch of wild vivacity. Also, she no longer talks alone; so to speak.

Her weapons turn into familiars, Shiro represents her minigun and Kuro her rocket launcher. The actual weapons are redesigned with coloured, winged barrels lined with gold and ending in star-shaped muzzles. Both familiars only have one wing which corresponds to the wing shown in the respective weapon as well as the main colour; a great way of combining both aspects.

The particles are as playful as the sounds and they even leave a humorous feel that suits the light-hearted mischief embraced by Star Guardian Jinx. The chompers look like a playful twist on the familiars and even if the cat-like appearance is a bit different from the general feel the aesthetic is matched.

Their sounds do seem recycled from Classic; explosion aside. Super Mega Death Rocket! Wings corresponding to each weapon and familiar appear behind Jinx and she shots the combined Shiro and Kuro as one single entity producing an explosion of stars that looks and sounds peculiarly weak and brief; rather anticlimactic truth be told.

In terms of animations, emotes are charming and so is the recall. The death animation takes advantage of her familiars to make a distinct end proper of the theme. Her ultimate and high-speed run also look rather different; though the former benefits a lot from the wings. The rest of her actions barely display a difference. The model is effective, the particles and sounds evocative and there are some animations that are significant.

When all is added together, fans of Jinx and magical girls will find that Star Guardian is a skin with an enchanting personality. Toys and Christmas girdles everywhere but some are flying away due to the impactful advance of a poro-filled train. The setup is straightforward and the setting rather simple. The house interior is barebones which added to how diffuse the background is makes for underwhelming, albeit effective, context.

Jinx sits atop the snow-tipped train delightfully and carelessly zapping and kicking teddy bears and other gifts. Fishbones on her back and Pow Pow as her transport is a clever and satisfying way of showing her weaponry. The quality of the depiction also shows a stark contrast to the subdued background. Nice and soft colours with delicate shading and precise lines make for an attractive portrayal.

In the end, this splash art offers a captivating portrayal of Jinx supported by an appealing context that is displayed with second class attention. The result is still quite good even if uneven. Wearing a red dress, stripped stockings and a very pointy hat we find Ambitious Elf Jinx spreading all the fun that toys can; explosive toys majorly. The playful and comical approach of the model suits Jinx very well and the whimsical design of her clothes as well as the evident stylization of the traditional Christmas elf look benefits from the dose of mischief characteristic of Jinx.

Her long curly hair with a playful curl on the front is quite classy and gives Jinx a very nice look. Pow-Pow becomes a toy train and Fishbones a long cardboard box with eyes and a big maw. To say that they are suitable and natural choices for Jinx is stating the obvious; still one seems much simpler against the other.

Particles are unexpected. Those abilities that instead employ gifts as projectiles, in addition to the snow, fit better and are, actually, more interesting. For example, Zap! Flame Chompers as cymbal-banging monkey toys are the kind of explosive surprise that Jinx would plan. The same applies to Super Mega Death Rocket! Sounds are clear about the direction they chose.

Most actions rely on shard-like ice sounds which often clash with the visuals. In cases where explosions are evident they get mixed with the familiar explosive sound. However, the distinct sounds tend to be buried under the snowy ones. Animations are few but interesting. The recall shows Jinx giving a display of her train-riding skill for an audience of penguins. When all is added together, we find that the idea behind the skin is great: an elf that enjoys toys in several mischievous ways.

Unfortunately, Ambitious Elf Jinx does a disservice to its name. The skin has the toy-based angle but, inexplicably, buries it under an unexpected avalanche of snow. The best features of the skin are easily the toy references but they struggle to come atop the snow. Her lean body with long limbs, playful stance and carefree expression are eloquent enough. Her rocket launcher seems to be missing but her minigun is there. The minigun appears less affected by light and so flat, while the gun shot has a simple style and lighting but rather appealing aspect.

As is apparent, the portrayal is somewhat uneven with some areas looking better than others. Particles have some nice instances. Auto-attacks are simple looking but appealing in their stylized way. The streaks of energy used for impacts of Zap! However, the stylised ray of Zap! It is, though, different from the usual rocket, at least. What is quite appealing is the new displaced, glowing image used for Get Excited, which is one of the best particles of the skin. Sounds are alright. Abilities tend to employ energy which is effective but not impressive.

The exception is Super Mega Death Rocket! The reverberating energy sound of Get Excited! All in all, Odyssey Jinx is a good but clearly superficial skin. The whole identity of Jinx is kept intact with only a change in her outward appearance due to the futuristic concept.


Last year I wrapped them in brown paper because it looked instagrammy and so I accidentally created a blind date with a book birthday gift. But 1 sounds intriguing as well. I think I can guess what 2 and 3 are so I figure I should pick the one that is a true blind date! Number 3 — Just started smiling already knowing it is going to be a romantic comedy, and was thrilled that it might take place somewhere else. I can just imagine the farces that can occur perhaps in a new land.

We are doing this at the bookstore I work at again this year. Was so excited to see you bring this back! Number 2 sounds like it would fit into one of my unintended themes in my reading this year: home! Now retired and after living in the same home for 40 years 2 might help with decluttering and organizing.

I love the blind date with a book concept. I checked one out last year, but then never ended up reading it. Oh well! I think number 2 sounds the most intriguing. I love this idea and have seen it circulating online. I think it is a great idea and would love it if our library followed suit. Thank you for this contest — so much fun!!! I lived in Pakistan for 2 years for work and love book set there or related to the country. Book 1 sounds intriguing! Thanks for the chance to win!

Book 3 appeals to me most. Now trying to guess which classic is being re-imagined. And set in Pakistan? Can I guess what these are? Am I allowed to do this? The Queen of Hearts, 2. Number 1 all the way! I have never tried this although my local public library has a display right now.

This sounds so fun! Never heard of it before! Number One! Have never had a blind date…books or real life! Number 1 is most intriguing.. I am a nurse so love the medical aspect. I think I know what number three is and I reallllly want to read it! Number one! Love a book where I get to vicariously experience being a doctor — a profession I have so much respect for but could never actually do. So I humbly ask to be considered as a recipient of Blind Date Book 1. Love it. I JUST got a few from one of the websites available.

Have I seen a film version of Number 3, possibly? Really struggled to get this to post, BTW. Ok…I definitely am choosing 1…I have actually never read a medical drama even though I work in the medical field and love TV medical drama — what!?! And I think I may know what book it might be!! Oh my! Sign me up! I need balance from all my nursing school books and this would fit the bill nicely!

Sounds fun. Thanks for the chance! I would like Book door 2. And it feels great and I have more time for reading. Some books are an emotional cleanse that carries me for years. What fun! Love the idea of Book 3 as there is so much to learn about other cultures thru reading. They all sound interesting so there is a good chance they will find their way on my TBR list but I am going with 1. Book 1 sounds most intriguing to me! Do you always take the jackets off your books?

Pretty sure I know what 2 and 3 are. In fact I just finished 3 and it was good fun. I used it for the book recommended by someone with great taste for the MMD reading challenge. Pretty sure your blog was th first place I saw it recommended. In fact it may be the only place so far. I love a good surprise, and met my husband of 32 years on a blind date in college. Number 1!!! I especially enjoy MPOV. So hard to choose! Would you consider three blind dates in one month desperate?

I would love book 1! I would choose 2 because we are about to start a remodel on our kitchen. I need to do some serious decluttering! Fingers crossed I get picked! I know what it is. I read number 1 and it was SO fun! I am pretty sure I read number 2, as well. I am interested in book 1 because I enjoy medical dramas and also because I like multiple points of view.

Ok, first off- how cool! A book wrapped in brown paper! Each has a note for recommended age and genre. I love it. We are going to put up a little library and follow in their lead. So 2 it is. You are very kind to be doing this. Book 1 is my choice. I have seen this at my local library, but did not partake.

I was feeling too practical at the time, wanting to whittle down my specific tbr list. Maybe I will have a blind date this time! Thank you for the podcast and posts, I always read and always find some new nuggets of information or books to add to my list. I would Choose Blin Date book 2! It sounds interesting and a topic I have on my list to read but have not done so. Inneed to switch up the variety in my reads. I love reading the re-imagined fairy tales that have become so popular over the last few years, so this one sounds great!

It is fun to do sometimes! Our library has a display this month of red wrapped books with the first sentence as the description on the outside. My favorite part of the display was seeing the ones I recognized! Never done this. Oh this sounds like fun!! I choose three although, all of the choices are intriguing. What an awesome fun idea in blah February?? I have never done this before but always wanted to! Our local book store did this in our last home town. We live in small town North Dakota now.

Maybe I should start something like this at the library in town! Thank you!!! Number 1 for me! Sounds like a good fiction romance…. I am most intrigued by book 1. I think I figured the other two out. Way more fun than most blind dates! I think 3 sounds intriguing. Number three sounds most intriguing to me. Number 1 please! Love this idea, thank you for the opportunity! All three books sound intriguing, but I pick 1. These all sound like books I would pick up and I wonder if 1 was one I read this fall.

Today 3 sounds like what I want to read. I have trouble getting around the house because of the piles of decluttering books, so I will go with 3. What a fun thing to do! Hope I win…….. Based on these slim descriptions, how do these books sound to you? Good luck! I hope YOU win. Previous: Links I Love. Number 3 sounds great. I imagine it as Jane Austen set in Pakistan.

Both sound appealing! Our bookstore stopped doing this and I miss it!! Number 1 sounds great! Ooh, I think Number 1 sounds misty interesting to me…today. They all sound good!! But if my guess is right I have already read 1, so I will go with 3. Tough pick but I have to go with book 3. Ooh — all 3 sound intriguing. I wish my library did this! I have guesses at all three titles! But I think 3 would be the one for me. Love reading books from far away lands and the I love going to those lands!

I think I might have already read 2. I would have to go with Number 1. Pretty sure I own a copy of number 3 already. I am interested in 1. Betrayal and medical drama caught me. Such a cool idea. Definitely number 3. I am pretty sure I have read 1 and 2 so I am picking 3. I would so do this if one of our bookstores or library did this! I really enjoy modern reimaginings of classics. Thank you for the possible date. I wish there was a local place that did this.

Number 1, no, number 3, I think I have 2,………Back to Number 1! Number one or number two. Afterwards, will you reveal the actual titles? They all sound so good! I have not done this before but it looks fun. Number 2! All three sound great but will take door oops book number 2! Option 1! I love books with multiple POV and it sounds so interesting.

I do hope there is a reveal eventually of what they all are. Book 1 sounds SO good, closely followed by book 3! Will you be sharing what titles they are after you send them out? That would be perfect! And I pick number 3! This is so much fun! I almost have a feeling I know what the others are. I have never been on a blind date with a book before. So this could be exciting!

This will be fun. Honestly they all sound great. Sounds interesting! Number 2 because I desperately need some tips on those areas of my life! I would not be apposed to any of them though. Even 2, which seems to be the least popular.

Oh man this is a tough choice. But I think I would rather have book number 3! Thank you, Anne! I would love to go on a blind date with book 3. It sounds very interesting. How much fun is this?!?! What a great idea, Anne. Number One. It sounds really good! I am interested in number 1. Thanks — what a great idea! Just the kind of book to dive into during the winter months! This is such fun!! Fantastic idea! I am wishing for 1.

Number 3, please. Oh my gosh, they all sound good, but if I had to choose, number 1 stood out the most!! I would probably choose Number 1. Thank you for this fun post! Hard to choose, but I think number 1! Book 1 for sure! This is fun! I am interested in Book 2: makeover, decluttering, priorities, home, step-by-step. Almost done with a home remodel, and ready to get all things organized. Number 2. Maybe a blind date book will finally be the one to help my chaos!

I think I need 2. The descriptions are amazing! I think I desperately need number two before baby number three gets here! I would love 1!! And it sounds like a book that I would enjoy reading? I probably need number 2 more but I am sticking with number 1! Interested in No 3. Have you posted a how-to in the past? This one sounds interesting! Book ONE for me!! I love medical dramas and, of course, best friends! It sounds like a great book. Everyone has been into the whole Marie Kondo, so I would try number 2.

I love this idea! I would choose 3, because it sounds exactly like my cup of Jane-Austen-like tea! I love a medical drama. Thanks, Anne! Number One looks so interesting but mysterious at the same time! I would take a chance on number one. Number two sounds like work, and three sounds too exotic.?

They all sound great but I especially would love to read 1! I love books written from more than one point of view. I always overthink my book choices so I rarely branch out. Thank you for the chance to win an interesting book! Thank you for putting this together! Book 3. They all sound great — will have to get them all from the library once you tell us!

I love novels told from multiple POVs. Number 3, I think…. Or, maybe number 1. No, number 3! I think I have already read one and two sounds like too much work! Good morning, 3 is my pick. Loving this blind date book concept, thank you!

Number 1 please!! It sounds interesting! Book 1 sounds the most interesting one for me. I love multiple POV. These ALL sound intriguing, but I would have to pick 3. All sound great. Would love any blind date. But am partial to number 3! This is so much fun!! I am most intrigued by Book Number 3! Thanks so much Anne! Number 3 would be my pick!

I think I would try 3! It was a tough call between that and 1, but. They all sound interesting, but 3 seems the best option for my next read! I most identify with book I think I would like that the best! Number 3 sounds like a nice change of pace, definitely outside of my comfort zone! Maybe ill try it with my friends! You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love the prospect of 3.

Apparently, everybody loves a giveaway! This sounds like so much fun! Number 2 sounds most interesting to me! But 3 does as well! I wish a book store near me had blind dates. It sounds like so much fun. I would grab 3 — but intrigued to see what each book is. Fun idea! How fun!! A reimagined classic 3. I think 1 or 2 would be great to date!

Number 3 sounds right up my alley. This is such a fun idea! How about 1. WhooHoo LI love a book giveaway. Thanks Number Three. I love this kind of thing! Book 1 sounds the most interesting to me. Number 3 sounds fun! Number one: love the sound of love and loss and medical drama. Number 1 I think. See these all over but have never picked one up! Book 3 sounds most exciting now! I have always wanted to try something like this! Number three! I think I might know what it is, which makes me all the more excited to read it.

I am most interested in book number 1! I love novels with multiple points of view! I choose 2, but 3 intrigues me. I believe I know what it is. I think I have already read the first two, so I will go with number 3! Is this skin really top tier legendary? Again, your site and reviews are amazing, keep up the good work! From what you tell we see two elements on the scales that decide whether Star Guardian Jinx is worthwhile or not. We do think that Star Guardian Jinx is currently one of the best legendary skins.

It effortlessly stands apart from other skins for Jinx and justifies well enough its legendary label and price. Hello, Zero, thank you for your reviews. While this skin could be improved a lot I still really like the model and the guns, except for the texture and color of the rocket launcher which seem really bland. On to the main point: Jinx mostly has great splash arts but this one is my favorite sometimes I bought skins only for the splash art; example: Captain Miss Fortune.

Thanks again. With regards to splash art we think that they only serve as presentation cards for the skins. Regardless, there are some pretty nice ones. With regards to Ambitious Elf Jinx we like the splash art but it needs a bit of extra work in the background. It offers a context but it seems second class to the great portrayal of Jinx.

The portrayal is captivating and we agree that it captures the feel of Jinx. Even if her face is a bit weird it works with the elvish angle used. We do think that Jinx has better skins available, though. Draven: sexy-but-not-really-a-Santa Santa donned in lumberjack fashion, with sparkly gold and blue particles and snowflakes. Jinx: mischievous elf using all sorts of toys and gift boxes as weapons.

The reason is when it comes to Draven, I hardly like anyone one of them. So Santa Draven was the 2nd skin that moved me, making me wanted to buy one Draven skin. He looks more jolly and kind? We found Santa Draven disappointing. In our opinion, the skin lacks focus. Ambitious Elf Jinx we find a good skin though it has some issues. Mainly, it dilutes the lethal toys angle for snow. Soul Reaver needs to go deeper in the transformation because it seems superficial.

We prefer a skin that takes a unique quality of a champion and makes it different or emphasises it. I guess you are right about the Draven part. To be honest when it comes to Draven, I have a personal bias towards his skins. Ok, I have to admit Gladiator is the best if I were to judge based on not just the theme but also on his character background as well. Funny that I asked for opinion and in the end sounds like I already solved my problem.

Still if you were in my situation, which will you pick? Santa Draven or Ambitious Elf Jinx? Ambitious Elf Jinx? If we can just help clear your doubts we are glad to do so. We think that Ambitious Elf Jinx is a better skin yet also with issues. From the amount of skins you have for each champion it also seems like you like Jinx quite a bit. We understand, though, that you may also like Draven and are having a difficult time getting a nice skin for him.

If we discount Gladiator, then Soul Reaver is more elaborate yet shallow and Beast Hunter is more modest yet superficial. Perhaps a sale is the best option to get one of these skins. Collecting legacy skins might help Santa Draven a bit but only theoretically. Every option implies giving up on something. Anyways, I somehow managed to solve the problem. I will definitely get Santa Draven, obviously he needs some love.

Unfortunately, that also seems to apply to the Snowdown skins. As a collector, legacy skins have a little extra though we still prefer skins that are well rounded regardless of categories and labels. While neither is a bad skin Battlecast is a skin with more depth. Which one is better suited for you largely depends on which concept you like the most. Try to get either skin on sale as they are expensive. Hi zero, I was wondering if you can help me decide which skin should I get for Jinx.

Ive been playing her for awhile and Ive decided to get a skin for her. But its too similar to the Classic one even the sounds are the same. The only good thing I guess is the Autos sounds on Rocket Launcher. I didnt put SG Jinx here, cause it will overshadow the other skins and is pricing is the only drawback for me.

Can you help me decide which is the best skin for me? Many Thanks, and I hope u can help me decide before January 1st. We agree that Star Guardian Jinx overshadows the others. In fact, the basic question is whether you like Jinx and play her enough to justify a legendary skin.

That said, from what you mention there are things you like and dislike from each skin. The one you seem to like the most is Ambitious Elf Jinx. This leaves us with two options. The rest is quite good: the fireworks is what sets the skin apart. We agree that it has points in common with Classic as could only be expected from its price.

In the end, we see two options. You either pay a lot and go legendary or try to save money and see if you like Firecracker or Mafia enough. This depends a lot on how much you play and like Jinx. Which one is the best for you ends up being a matter of personal preference. Yeah I agree, most of her skins are quite pricey so why not just add a bit more and get the best skin instead. Honestly, before this I thought getting her a Legendary tier for her first skin is an overkill.

But u helped made me realise that the price isnt that much different from most of her skins but the Legendary one brings so much to the table. Thus I can now fully justify the reason to get her the Legendary skin. I mean even Riots took a long break this Christmas until January lol. Different would be if you are considering a sale as RP is much more affordable. On top of that, not every RP skin feels like it does justice to the tier. We have used Opera with the site and never had a problem but not Mini just the regular browser.

If it becomes an issue please give us all information you can to troubleshoot the problem; or do as much as we can. Well, technically we should take some time off and we do sometimes. Still, we think that if you devote your time to contact us the least we could do is answer.

After all, the site would be nothing without our readers. We may not be as good as we should be but we do make an effort. Problems with the site, those do annoy. When will things just work without issues? Wishful thinking probably. Hi zero can u help me out? How do I refund the firecracker one? Ive used up my 3 refund tokens ages ago and I read that they dont offer refund for accidental purchase.

Help, what do I do?? I was saving up for a skin… I cant believe this happening to me oh my god this is so stressing…. If you are out of refund tokens your only option is to contact Riot support. Explain the situation and your circumstances to them. Try to explain the technical details to the best of your knowledge. If the store was acting funny then a refund could be justified. I honestly thought my comment didnt went through as I keep checking from time to time whether it was posted or not.

Umm, can u provide the link on contacting Riot support? I cant seem to find it at their website. It only shows faqs and their replies no info on how to contact them directly. I do hope they can refund the skin. I havent even used the skin yet hopefuly it will help to justify the accidental purchase. We apologise we had a bunch of stuff to attend to. Anyway, no use crying over spilled milk. You can contact Riot support here: Riot Games Support page. Check that you are doing so in your region. However, if the store lagged and you ended with two skins when you intended to buy only one then that consitutes an error in the working of the store and not a fault of your own.

Be specific about the event and explain the technical matters and the issue with lag that you mention in the support ticket. Regardless, the warning is in written form. So consider that you may not be able to get a refund nonetheless. They have a match history they can easily check and it could help your case that the skin was never intended to be purchased.

Thanks zero, you are very helpful! Now I just have to wait for their replies if any and hope for the best. Not at all. We wish you the best of luck and hope that the issue can be easily solved. I like Slayer for it being another crazy version of Jinx— just killing zombies instead. Not a completionist, but would it be worth? I mean, it is RP…or should I just wait for a sale? And yes, one of my first ever AD carries is Jinx the other one being Tristana.

Star Guardian is definitely a great skin. Depends on how much you play Jinx and how bored you may be of the skins you own; perhaps you just need variety right now. If you play Jinx a lot then a third skin makes sense, especially if Star Guardian and Slayer are starting to become overly familiar; still great but you already know what they have to offer well.

Mafia Jinx is a good skin and realises a distinct and appealing identity for her. Given that you already own other skins for Jinx a sale soudns like a good middle ground. Hey Zero, just a question on your review for Star Guardian Jinx; in the review of the splash art, you mention that her shock gun is floating in the air.

Other than that, I enjoy reading your reviews! Do you know if this skin will be available in My Shops at all? It seems we saw something in the splash art because in-game she shoots with her index finger. Thanks for the headsup and glad that you enjoy the reviews.

The options left then are simply buying from the store or depending on the luck of the draw of hextech crafting. Although I am shocked that I missed the sale for her, is there any chance she will have another early sale, or was it a one time thing? Otherwise, hopefully I will be lucky enough to get her to drop in chest! Legendary skins, as of now, only get one early sale roughly six months after release. All skins get the same early sale but legendaries only get that sale.

Of course, you could get it as a drop or, if not, the skin will retain the same price on the store so you can save for it if you want without any rush. Your Comment. Name required. E-mail required. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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New sounds for her recall and music for her dance.

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