10 pound challenge betting

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10 pound challenge betting nadal vs djokovic betting expert tips

10 pound challenge betting

Make sure the team you are planning to back won't tire towards the end of the game by checking when they last played. Ideally, you want them to have had a good period of rest to recover thus meaning they should play to their best ability.

Of course, the flip side of this is looking at the opposition too. When looking at the opposition, you want the opposite scenario to play out. They should ideally not have had much rest since their last game and less than the team you are backing. If you find a game like this, it should mean your team has more energy and stays strong all game to take advantage of any opposition fatigue. We all know the old saying 'Form is temporary, class is permanent' and essentially this is true. We all know Bayern Munich are a top team but if they are on a bad run, it really is best to find someone else until they pick up.

The reason behind this is one of confidence. Football is a confidence-based game and this is true for all teams, no matter how good they are. A team on a bad run will be low on confidence and thus less likely to perform how you would normally expect them too. Before you back a team, look at their form and assess their confidence levels. If you think they are at a low ebb, give them a miss for a few weeks as they could well underperform.

The cup competitions are just too hard to call and too fond of springing shock results that you would never have predicted. In effect, it turns football betting into a lottery which is not what we are aiming for. The problem with cup competitions is mainly twofold. The bigger team will sometimes rotate their starting 11 which leaves them weaker and exposed to a shock defeat.

In addition, the incentive levels of the team you would normally back may be lower than their opposition, leaving them open to a shock result again. With this in mind, it is best just to save yourself the stress and concentrate on league matches instead! To decrease your risk of losing, there is a neat trick you can do though!

Once you have doubled your money, bank the original stake amount. This will mean that the money you used from your own bank account has gone safely back in, meaning you will not actually lose any money even you don't complete the challenge successfully afterwards. In essence, by doing this you are then playing with 'free' money you didn't have anyway, and this just makes it less stressful and more fun.

One perhaps surprising but very common factor to consider in football is bogey teams. After all, surely it is a case of deciding which of the two teams is better overall and in better form? Unfortunately, bogey teams come along to muddy the waters a bit here!

With this in mind, it is key to know if the team you are thinking of backing are facing their bogey team. A bogey team is a team that always does well and often beats another certain team in a league. It is definitely worth checking this out before you put any money down on a particular bet!

If the team you were going to back are facing their bogey team then it is not wise to proceed. Don't be fooled if the bogey team has been playing badly or at the foot of the table — if you put any money down, you can be sure they will raise their game as has happened in the past.

To research this properly, it is a case of checking out the recent Head to Head records of matches involving the two teams. One of the most popular aspects of football for fans is the local rivalry between two teams. These kind of fixtures are great to watch but not so great to bet on though!

The reason is that they are in effect much like a cup game. It is hard to accurately predict what will happen as the previous form and results go out of the window. A team that has been playing badly in recent times, may well raise their game for the local derby and spring a surprise win. This extra incentive for players and the added importance of the game makes them much harder to call. The risk is too great and there will be other fixtures around that give a more secure bet to take on.

Stick to watching it unfold with nothing at stake and it will be much more enjoyable! Home advantage is a massive factor in football. In general terms, teams will play better at home and therefore the home team usually has the edge in games. Of course, this does need to be tempered with who is actually playing. Brighton against Manchester City is not such a safe bet as Manchester City against Brighton for example.

Only betting on games where the home team seems most likely to see your bet win is a really good strategy to put into place. This will not only make selecting your bets easier but also increase the level of reliability in your selections. Some teams will also be practically unbeatable at home and win most of the time — Juventus in Italy are an example of this.

If you draw up a list of these types of teams then when you spot them playing at home, you know that bet is pretty safe. If you can get decent value odds on it then you can place your bet with full confidence. This type of strategy is very simple too which makes it great for beginners or those short on time. This tip may seem a little leftfield as most of what I advise is based around hard facts and previous stats. These are still vital so please don't stop doing your research!

However, as with normal life, you should also listen to your instincts too. Doing this will stop you from placing a bet that looks good numbers wise but might not actually win for you. Of course, to use your instinct like this, you need to be betting on leagues and markets you are familiar with.

This is why I mentioned this in a couple of the earlier tips. You will not have your instinct to fall back on as a final check with a league you know nothing about. The best way to use your instinct is just to stop and think about the bet before you place it.

Do this after your research so you have all the facts at your disposal to mull over. If for some reason, your heart is telling you 'No' then find another bet to take on. Bad weather is a pain in real life and in football too. From gales that make playing longer passing hard, to rain that makes the pitch slippy and difficult for shorter passing if the pitch gets waterlogged, bad weather can play havoc with results.

The problem is that the conditions make any gap in quality between teams reduce down, thus levelling the playing field. When this happens, anything could occur in the game and either team may go onto win. As we have talked about before, winning the bets you need to complete the challenge is all about predictability.

Being able to confidently predict the outcome of a game is what will win you money and bad weather removes this from you. So, if you spot that the game you are looking at will be played in a hurricane then give it a miss!

Depending on when you are completing your challenge, you may hit a few weeks when not much competitive football is being played. For some people, this will see them betting on friendly matches instead but I would not advise this at all. The issue with friendly games is that they are very unpredictable. There is absolutely no incentive for either team to win or play well so it can lead to unexpected results or game events. In addition, the managers of each team will probably be trying out new formations or running the rule over squad players.

This again makes it very hard to choose what will happen in the game of who will win. During the season, most leagues have regular international breaks for players to represent their countries. When you add in the World Cups and European Championships that happen over the summer every two years, then it may be tempting to bet on these games.

Most people are so impatient to put any kind of bet on, that they cannot wait for the international fixtures to pass and lump money on them. International football is tricky as the players don't play together each week and therefore performances can be erratic. There is also the incentive level to factor in — if the match does not mean anything to one or both teams, it is hard to predict what may happen as players will not put in the usual effort.

It really needs to be something like Germany needing to beat San Marino at home to get to the World Cup. This will tell you where the team you are thinking of backing is at the moment, compared to who they are playing. That is why backing teams with a new manager is not advised. When a new manager comes in, no-one knows what will happen.

Will the team respond and start playing better? If they have been doing ok, will their form suddenly drop as a result? These questions simply cannot be answered with any degree of certainty, which makes backing any teams in this situation off limits.

It also makes the previous stats that are so important redundant. With a new manager and a new way of playing, it is like starting from the first game of the season again with nothing to tell you what might happen.

I believe in being totally honest when it comes to football betting. While we can do all in our power to research and implement the above tips, sometimes you just need some good fortune along the way. So, grab a rabbit's foot or a four-leaf clover! Anything that will give you that bit of luck to see a last-minute goal go in when you need it or the other team's striker to somehow miss that open goal.

Expert Racing Tipster! Liverpool embarrassed by Brilliant City 9th Feb Make sure to stay consistent and place bets with approximately the same odds. Consistency and routine are crucial if you want to succeed. As an avid football fan, you should know how seldom matches end in a draw.

An example of this would be to bet on the over 9 corners market in a game with 2 attacking teams that play with wingers, and then combine it in a double with the over 0. A popular option is placing an in-play bet on games that you think will yield at least a goal, but are scoreless at half-time. When attempting football betting challenges, you must get creative with your wagers and find unique markets to exploit.

Are you among the brave few who have decided to tackle the behemoth known as the bet challenge? I would recommend betting on under 6. For example, a lead after 60 to 70 minutes of play, for some teams, can still offer in-play odds of 1. As you can probably tell, this will take utmost patience and the returns will be minuscule at first. Betting is an art form, and it is important to remember that you are relying on the law of averages to work in your favour in the long run.

This helps eliminate some risk, but of course lowers the returns overall, or requires you to win more bets in order to reach your target. Most importantly, betting challenges are supposed to be fun. We use a tool called Inplay Betting. This tool scans every single match that is being played and highlights each one that is having a lot of action:. For more info on this you can check them out via this link or read our full Inplay Trading review. As a bettor, the strategies at your fingertips are just as diverse: bet against a scoreless draw, wager on trailing teams to score, win or earn corners when previously favoured in a match, or stake on teams with a large lead late in games.

For every challenge, there are counter tactics and plans you could employ to achieve the desired result. Treat this as a bit of fun, with the potential for more if you really start to master it. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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