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Betting in 3bet pot stickers recipe

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Tags: poker, poker tournament, casino, poker saying, poker table, idea, gambler idea, poker evening, mens evening, las vegas world championship, christmas, carnival, poker costume, dad, mom, grandpa, gambler. I mean, I've considered there might be something wrong with my game. I labored over Super:System:Powerball. I have lucubrated over the numbers. I think I'm on top of it. I think there is a pretty decent chance that I have just as good of odds to win as anybody else in the country.

And yet, week after week espcecially recently I walk away a loser. This weekend, some weekend warrior from Oregon took it down. It fucking kills me to see these jokers come in and think they own the entire world just because they can win one of these things.

Come see me after you go a year without winning one, boys. Then we'll talk about how good you are. But, I know, man. I know I just gotta keep plugging away. My time will come. I mean, everybody runs bad. Variance happens. As long as this Powerball thing is legal, I'm going to stick with it.

And since it's a game of skill, I suspect I'll be able to play the lottery for a long, long time. Well, you'd be wrong, but that doesn't mean you can't try. I've set up a bracket challenge to see just who amongst us can make the most correct guesses.

Because, really, we all know this has nothing to do with college basketball knowledge. So, now's your chance to lose to The Luckbox. The password, appropriately enough, is luckbox. If you've got any problems joining up, just let me know! Since the Wicked Chops guys seem to love alliteration so much, I decided to let the staff intern write the headline for this post. To be honest, there ain't much to see. Most importantly, there's no poker room. However, that doesn't mean there wasn't "poker" being played With the explosion of casino poker rooms in America, there's been a huge push to make a little extra money off the game.

That means the introduction of table games with an element of poker. First, it may actually attract your average poker player who's either waiting for a table or steaming from a bad session. Second, it will attract those people who are still afraid of sitting down at a real poker table. You've probably seen one of these games popping up in casinos in Las Vegas.

It's called Texas Hold'em Bonus. The other one was new to me, and I've only seen it at this little casino in Kenenr. It's called Flop Poker. As most of you should know, there's no way these games could possibly be a good bet. The question, however, is just how much of an edge does the casino have?

Thanks to the Wizard of Odds , I can answer that question for you. Here's how it's played: Each player at the table bets the "Ante" and the "Pot. After looking at your cards you can either fold and lose your Ante bet or bet the "Flop" an equal bet to your Ante. The dealer then reveals the three community cards for a total of six cards.

You use all three of your cards and two of the community cards to make a five cards poker hand. If you have a pair of Jacks or better, your Ante bet pays and your Flop bet pays according to the strength of your hand Jacks up to Royal Flush Sounds simple, right? But can you win? The short answer is NO.

In fact, apart from counting cards in Blackjack, you can't win at any table game. So let's take the bets one at a time. The "Pot" bet has a zero edge. You put the money in and have an equal chance of winning the "Pot" as every other player. Theoretically, you should win the hand as often as everyone else.

The "Ante" bet is obviously a terrible bet. It pays no matter how good of a hand you end up having. The "Flop" bet is just a bad bet because the payout never approaches the actual probability of the hand hitting. The Wizard of Odds tells us the house edge on your initial bet is 5. However, because multiple bets are being made, the element of risk is only 2.

The element of risk is defined as the ratio of expected loss to the total amount wagered. For comparison, the house edge for Roulette is 5. This game is a player vs. Each player and the dealer is then dealt two cards. After looking at the cards, you have option of making a "Flop" bet which is twice your "Ante" bet or folding.

Then the dealer lays out the flop. From there, the player can either do nothing or make a "Turn" bet equal to the "Ante. If the player beats the dealer, the "Flop," "Turn" and "River" bets pay If the player's hand is a straight or better, the "Ante" bet also plays If the player and dealer hands are equal, it's a push.

The Wizard of Odds tells us the house edge on the game is 2. However, because the average bet on the hand is 3. That's not so bad. For comparison, the house edge on Pai Gow Poker is 2. So if you're dying to hit the table games after leaving the poker tables, you may want to give Texas Hold'em Bonus a try. Just don't bet the Bonus!!! G-Rob threw down the gauntlet yesterday and decided to put his beloved flipping penny up against Luckbox and BG in picking the NFL games.

I decided his methods were far too scientific to properly humiliate the sportsbettting side of UFP. Whatever team name his son spit back out was the pick witnessed by Mrs. The next time the four players are in the same city, the loser has to buy the winner or the winner's proxy a shot of his choice and a companion shot for the loser to drink as well. The winner also gets to poke the loser in the belly and make the Pillsbury Doughboy noise.

Penny: Rams Luckbox: Kansas City, to win outright. Penny: Bengals Luckbox: Cincinnati, although the Bengals blow. Penny: Jaguars Luckbox: Titans beat the spread. Penny: Dolphins Luckbox: Bears, by 30 my lock of the week. Winner: Indianapolis Colts. So let me start by saying, yes, I've invested in the "Wacky Pick 6" ordeal. I have some degree of faith in the horse picking acumen of BG and Luckbox.

But nobody, not even those with initials for names can outpick me I use an initial AND a name in football. G-Rob: Hello, and good luck this week. Lots of good games. I hope to use skill and insight in picking them all just right. G-Rob: Well said. Now let's agree on methods. I'll look up the gambling lines on NFL games as of Saturday morning then flip you, dear coin, to determine the winner.

Heads is the home team Tails the visitor. G-Rob: Good read Mr. I agree. I like the Rams because they used to have Kurt Warner, and now they don't. Plus, St. Louis is the most dangerous city in America. The Chiefs will be scared. G-Rob: WOW! You and I are really on the same page. I like the Bengals because they have that cool "Fear the Tiger" song. G-Rob: Damn you're good. By the way, did you know there's a college football coach named Houston Nutt?

I'm glad that didn't influence your decision coin. I'd have been distracted. G-Rob: Starting to doubt the whole randomness thing Mr. You're really trying to impress me, aren't you? Don't worry G-Rob: I'm checking you I'm not getting fresh I want to see your You do have tails. I'm just sayin'. G-Rob: I'm gonna go with you again coin, but I have my doubts. Athiests have a had time rooting for Saints. At least Pirates exist. G-Rob: I like this pick because I've interviewed Vick.

He was looking for an ear ring on the practice field and I asked him about the grass. I was doing a profile of the guy who cuts it. Plus, my sister in law had a drink with him at a hotel bar. Besides, Ron Mexico is an awesome nickname. But, since we're trying to show how useless that analysis is I think Joe Montana is awesome.

You'll have to excuse him, he's upstairs masturbating. Bonus Points to readers who get that joke. Good Times. G-Rob: I also hate New England. Never met anyone from Boston that wasn't either and asshole or a nerd. Nerds mostly. G-Rob: Good Pick again. And remember, dear coin, you're just as likely to succeed as BG and Luckbox. In fact, I'll bet you do better. You'd think that someone known as the Boy Genius and someone known as The Luckbox would be able to manage a better than.

You'd think that We've picked 4 out of 7 weeks so far, and I'm sitting at while my fearless compatriot is at It has to get better, right? CJ: Welcome to Week 8. What I've been able to demonstrate thus far is that I'm not very good at this. But I took a week off to study really, really hard, and now I'm ready to roll!! Boy Genius: No, you took a week off to sit on a cold mountaintop and watch a bunch of hippies dance in circles. CJ: Okay, that too, but nonetheless.

I've been enlightened. CJ: Let's get started with a really, really easy one. It's the Cardinals at the Packers and the Packers are giving 4. Boy Genius: This is at Lambeau, which I imagine explains this line. I mean, something's got to give here. Here's the trick though Green Bay got two of their three turnovers on badly played balls by Miami wideouts, and if Arizona can take care of the ball, they'll be fine.

I don't know about a win, but let's say it's close. Green Bay 23 - Arizona CJ: Well, something has to explain the line. After watching the Packers stumble week after week, perhaps only a visit from the Arizona Cardinals can solve their woes. Here's the thing There's no reason why the lost to the Raiders, and there's no reason why they blew it against the Bears.

They don't blow it this week and Leinart has a field day against the Packers terrible D. Arizona Green Bay Boy Genius: I can see that. Maybe Edge gets a chance to pad his gaudy 2. What do you think about Cincy's chances? CJ: This should be a hell of a game. The Bengals are favored by 3. Atlanta may have had their coming out last week in that OT win over the Steelers, but their D was exposed.

And that's something Palmer, Johnson, and Housyomomma should be able to take advantage of. Bengals win Boy Genius: I love how Chad Johnson's trash talk is back. I was really hoping D'Angelo Hall would bite on the bait, but apparently Mora lobotomized him prior to Thursday's practice. I think this could be a great game, maybe the best one on tomorrow's card.

I'll project Atlanta coming out on top though. They're playing good football, and their defensive strength plays well against Cincy's aerial attack. When will Carson and CJ get on track? Maybe next week. Atlanta 27 - Cincy CJ: Speaking of good games. Before this season started, was there any chance the Saints would be favored by a point and a half at home against the Ravens?

The Saints? When do they come back down to earth? Boy Genius: This week, plain and simple. They may be at home and they may be giving points away, but the Ravens defense is well equipped to play sideline-to-sideline with the Saints. I think this week is the one where the Saints end up looking like Baltimore gets one offensive TD and one defensive TD, and that's plenty.

Ravens 20 - Saints CJ: I'd love to disagree with you here, and by the time I'm done typing, I just might. I was in the Dome a few weeks back when the Eagles blew a 4th quarter lead. There was just something about that place. I still can't get the "Who Dat?

Who Dat? Who Dat saying they gonna beat dem Saints? Until someone proves to me the Saints aren't blessed at home, I'm not going to pick against them. There, I've decided. Saints Ravens Boy Genius: Fair enough, you don't want to mess with karma anyway - especially with the week you've had already Luckbox. Boy Genius: Moving on, we go from extreme to extreme this week.

Games like Atlanta versus Cincy are juxtaposed right up against Houston at Tennessee. Tennessee is giving three, and the line hasn't budged all week. Is it because nobody outside Vince Young's immediate family gives a crap? CJ: That's gotta be it, otherwise, I'd see this game being at least a 5 point game for the Texans.

I think they finally showed last week that there is a bit of promise in that team. Stomping Jacksonville isn't easy, no matter how banged up they are. Plus, they're starting to finally develop a running game. Wali Lundy put up 93 tough yards and should be the guy.

Texans roll Boy Genius: I'm thinking this game might be more fun than that. Didn't that one end up something like Jets? Let's assume they trade punches all day long, and if they do who's going to be best equipped to be the last one standing? What's in his Gatorade bottle? Titans 41 - Texans CJ: That would certainly be a coming out for Vince. I'm not sure they have the firepower, but I sure believe the Texans could.

Boy Genius: I turned down an invite to watch this one at the Linc from a luxury box. You heard me. I would bet the network execs came into the season with high hopes for this matchup, but with Leftwich sitting, Mike Peterson hurt, and the Jags not exactly firing on all cylinders, we're not in for a battle here.

Philly's dropped two in a row, one emotional game and one fluky kick. Screw it, they come out firing. Philly's favored by 7. Eagles 27 - Jags CJ: Jacksonville is missing 5 key defenders, which I think is a lot more important than losing Leftwich. After all, Garrard was as a starter last year. This line opened at around 4 points, so it's clear the betting public thinks the line is a joke.

I tend to agree. Eagles have lost all three on the final play of the game. There won't be a chance for that this week. Eagles Jags Boy Genius: Either way, we both say blowout. Boy Genius: One of the more interesting games on the card today is Seattle at KC, which features a who's who of injured skill players. ON FOX! Line opened up with KC giving six, now it's down to four-and-a-half.

Is Brodie Croyle worth a point and a half to the Seahawk secondary? CJ: Would anyone in their right mind bet this game? I mean, apart from Iowa State fans? The game plan for KC should be simple if Huard is definitely out. If they do that enough, they'll win this game. I see a low scoring slugfest with the Chiefs winning, but not covering.

KC Seattle Boy Genius: I bet it's not even that much of an offensive showcase. Wallace throws for , one and one. LJ is the difference, but will be running against ten to fifteen in the box all day. I think Seattle can get this win - Hawks 13 - Chiefs CJ: And we move to the biggest line of the week, Bears at home giving a whopping 16 to the Niners. Any chance of an upset here? Bears 44 - Niners 3. CJ: Have you forgotten the Cardinals already???

The Bears are exposed. It's all over for them! Aw, screw it. Bears 50 - Niners 6. Boy Genius: Exactly. Which means you should play the Niners on the money line. Anyway, the Giants get to host the Bucs, who are one bogus roughing the passer call and one ridiculous field goal sorry from being Giants are at home giving nine. Why do I think that's too light in this battle of the Barber brothers?

CJ: It's true, the Bucs have been rather fortunate, but They were a playoff team last year, after all. I wasn't sure why they were as bad as they were to start the season. I don't think they have enough to win this game, but I think Gradkowski will keep it close again and the TB D forces Eli to make some mistakes. Giants Bucs Boy Genius: Hmm Is this just a feeble attempt to justify last week's Eagles loss?

I just don't see it. The Giants are tough and are going to harass Gradkowski all day long. Barber gets combined yards, Plax catches a TD, and the Bucs have a hard time getting anything going. It's all Giants, all day long. NYG 30 - Bucs CJ: Yes, Bucs cover. And not feebly! CJ: Okay, let's move on to another big line. Chargers favored by 9. Boy Genius: This line is wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong. Is someone on the Rams offense hurt that I haven't heard about?

Is Ryan Fitzpatrick playing? Then what the hell is this all about? Rams aren't going to win, but they're not going down by two scores either. CJ: Maybe it's because Shawn Merriman will be off the 'roids this week. I'm puzzled by this line, too. The Rams have been a pretty solid team this year. They can put up points and their D isn't that bad. There's no reason they lose by 10 this week.

Chargers 30 - Rams Boy Genius: That's agreeable. Interestingly enough, we segway into another game where the line doesn't make a great deal of sense to me. Indy visits Denver and Denver's giving two-and-a-half away. Did I miss where Indy's dropped a game this year? I thought they were still undefeated.

Help me out. CJ: Clearly the bettors are giving the Denver defense waaaaaay too much credit. We're talking about a Broncos team that averages 3. Or something like that. If they can't get in the end zone early and often, they won't stop Manning enough. Indy wins Boy Genius: I totally agree. So let's not get down on our knees and fumble for their zippers yet, alright?

This game is either going to be the day the Bronco D gets taken seriously, or the day they state their case for a first round playoff exit. I bet the latter. Indy 24 - Broncos 9. CJ: And we're back to games I care absolutely nothing about. Could there be a more boring matchup than the Jets at the Browns? And on top of that, is there a good reason the Browns are giving two?

Boy Genius: No and no? Is the Browns defense appreciably better than the Lions D that couldn't stop the march of the Penningtons and the rise of Leon Freaking Washington last week? Boy Genius: No and no.

Boy Genius: So let's just move on and say Jets 24 - Browns Jets win and cover, Boy Genius: Last of the day games Sunday brings Pittsburgh to Oakland, which sounds like a great game Jesus, has there been a year with more gawdawful backup QBs playing than this?

Steelers giving nine in Oakland, what's your take? CJ: My take? Maybe, just maybe, the Steelers are better off with Batch in there right now. I don't think Roethlisberger has been right since he was tackled by a Toyota Camry. The Raiders may have beaten the Cards, but they can't put up much of a fight here.

Steelers Raiders Boy Genius: Agreed, I can't see this one unfolding any other way either. Pittsburgh 27 - Oakland Of course, this means you should jump all over the Raiders "you" meaning everyone but me. Could the Cowboys look any worse than they did last week?

It's emotionally satisfying to everyone else when they're looking for their QB of the Future by week eight, isn't it? Dallas getting five, Carolina at home, there's no way the Boys win and I'm betting no cover. CJ: I hope you're right, I want the Cowboys to find new and interesting ways to suck.

At least when my Eagles lose, it's heartbreaking. When the Cowboys lose, it make their fans sick with disgust. I think this week brings much of the same. We might see Bledsoe back in the game yet! Panthers Dallas Boy Genius: I'd like to see what happens if Parcells has a meltdown on the sideline mid-game.

I know we've been waiting to see it from TO, but Billy's near the breaking point too. I have some advice for my brother , who complains every week that his bets are always hinged around a single game that he manages to lose Have this one be your game, that way you're live coming into Monday. Wouldn't that make sense? Minny giving anywhere from one to two-point-five depending on who you ask, so who are you asking? CJ: This one confuses me, too. I guess being at home is what's got this line close for the Vikings.

The Patriots are rolling and shouldn't have much trouble with the offense of Brad Johnson and Chester Taylor. Give me the Pats as a road dog. New England wins I'm going to play the Vikes outright here. I think they're a jack-of-all-trades squad, just above-average at everything. I think they can take the Pats. Vikes 20 - Pats CJ: That's rather bold, especially once you hear my Lock of the Week foreshadowing.

But we'll start with yours. Where should we put our money? I don't think the Chargers can cover. Play St. Louis as a road dog. CJ: And I'm taking a road favorite. Give me the Pats all Monday night long. Not our usual great team versus terrible team "locks. Boy Genius: Absolutely, and as always, fade me immediately.

Except Bob - listen when I tell you to key on the Minny game. That's that. CJ: And good luck to anyone dumb enough to bet our picks, I know I won't! It's been, um, marginal at best so far. After three weeks, I'm a stellar and BG is right behind me at We should be better than this. The worst thing is that even if you were betting against us, you'd still be right around.

This week, we decided to get a jump start on the picks so that you can fully absorb them in time to make your bets. If you were to engage in that kind of illegal activity. So, without further ado, the CJ-BG football pick chat:. CJ: Okay, welcome back sports gamblers. According to the U. Government, we are encouraging you to break the law. But since no one is crazy enough to bet our picks, I think we're fine. Let's get started, Buffao at Detroit, and the Lions are getting a point and a half.

Boy Genius: Hey, we get to lead off with my Lions. I thank insert-deity-of-your-choice here every day that I no longer live in Michigan and don't get weekly NFC North abominations piped into my my home. This Lions team isn't as bad as the Raiders, so even though they're currently winless I'm going to chalk them up for five wins through the rest of their schedule. That starts today. Kitna manages to look efficient, the defense gets a couple of Losman gimmies, and every snowed-in viewer in the greater Buffalo, NY area switches to their Fox affiliate by PM.

Lions 24 - Bills CJ: I don't know what to think about Buffalo. I cerrtainly didn't expect then to give up 40 points to the Bears last week. Now they go into Detroit against a winless Lions team. I'm surprised by the volatility of this line as well. I'm also clueless here, but knowing your history on picks, guess that means I should take Buffalo to cover, Boy Genius: Oh, that hurts CJ That hurts. I'm going to forget you said that and move on to the Wooden Cigar Store Indian line of the week, dedicated to the one the Vegas boys got right from the jump.

Baltimore's giving 3 to Carolina in Baltimore, and that one hasn't budged all week. Carolina has yet to find their rhythm and Baltimore got theirs derailed last Monday in Denver. Something's got to give. I think both teams can get after their opponent's QBs, and I think this is going to come down to one of these two teams making one big play each on offense and defense. Frankly, the defensive play could come from either team, but who on the Ravens is going 70 yards for a TD?

I'm hesitant to pick a road dog after the couple of bad weeks I've put up here, but Carolina's a more complete team. Panthers 17 - Ravens Panthers cover. CJ: I've got a similar read on this game. There's been a lot of talk of what Steve McNair has been able to do for the Ravens, but, in reality, he hasn't been very good. He plays the safe QB role very well, but that's not going to win games against good teams i.

Denver unless the Baltimore D scores, too. They won't this week, and the Panthers win Let's assume we're wrong on that one and move on to Cincy and Tampa. Hasn't this line been all over the place this week? Tampa was giving anywhere from 4.

Whether you want to play the line at 4. They're rested, they've done a good job of dealing with distractions, and they're capable of getting three picks off the young MAC QB Tampa's trotting out this week. Cincy's just got too many weapons, even for a quality defense like Tampa's to shut down. CJ: I thought when this line moved from 6. There's no reason for the line to move in Tampa's favor. I loved it at 6.

The Bucs haven't been very good this year and their close game against the Saints doesn't mean they're coming around. We'll soon learn that the Saints aren't as good as we think. And that means the Bucs aren't within a TD of the Bengals on any field. Cincy Tampa I'm giving the Great Gradkowski credit for at least five more points, but we all know how good at this I've been so far, right?

CJ: You and me both! And I don't know if things will turn around this week. For instance, an easy bet each week should be someone to cover against the Texans. This week it's the Cowboys giving Something tells me the Texans beat that spread. Plus, if the Texans watched the tape, they know up the middle pressure could slow the Cowboys offense. Cowboys win , but don't cover. Boy Genius: Shouldn't this be a rivalry game? They're in the same state and all, who do we have to talk to in order to get people to get fired up here?

How about TO's position coach? Bet he's fired up. Here's the deal on this one Houston's offense can keep them closer than 13, and I don't have faith that Bledsoe can find that kick in the stretch to pull away Secretariat-style.

Julius Jones might be the biggest no-brainer fantasy football play of the week - and I think he'll get his and 2 - but Bledsoe's predilection for back-breaking fumbles, sacks and INTs aren't going to cost a win, but should cost a cover. Dallas 31 - Houston Line's just too damn wide. Boy Genius: Since we're nearing in on your boys, and I know how excited you are to go to N'awlins to see them, I'll intro the next tilt.

This is the first time all season I'm going to have a difficult time figuring out what game to watch. Atlanta's a three point favorite at home to New York, and I think that's about right. The Falcons have been nigh unstoppable on the ground, which means that Mikey doesn't have to worry about his semi-worthless WR corps making a play in a key situation. They've got plenty of second-and-shorts to look forward to. I think the strength of the Giants' D - their line - would seemingly be a neutralizing factor, but Vick is out of the pocket so quick that the Giants' stellar DEs are going to be in chase-mode all afternoon.

Atlanta's D is also just good enough to not be a liability, and Abraham is scheduled to start. I like the Falcons - barely - Sometimes he looks like Peyton, other times he looks like Health Shuler. When get gets off to slow starts, the Giants become too one-dimensional and they can't effectively use all of their weapons.

I think that happens again this week as Atlanta jumps out to an early lead. Should be a lot of points, but the Falcons cover, CJ: Now on to the big game of the week! Their giving three points to the Saints in the Superdome. Everyone is saying this is a letdown game for Philly, but that just means they don't know Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb well.

I don't think they'll have trouble covering. Eagles win Boy Genius: I'm sensing an uh-oh type of game for the juggernaut Eagles this week. New Orleans is playing confident, nearly possessed football, and I can't imagine any team wanting to walk into a Superdome filled with emotion this season.

I've seen a couple of pundits picking the Saints outright here, but I don't know if I can go that far. But I don't think there's a person outside of the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area who's not rooting for a great, great game here present company excluded.

I think we get one here. Philly has a little letdown off a big emotional win against Dallas, and runs into a confident New Orleans squad. I'm thinking the Eagles win, but it's tight. Philly 28 - N'awlins Boy Genius: I'm actually looking forward to the other marquee matchup in the NFC this week, which has got to be the most under-the-radar big game so far this season. Boy Genius: Is Seattle capable of getting back to the big dance?

Is St. Louis for real? No and yes. The Rams aren't just going to cover Seattle's going to be geared up for this one, coming off that Bears embarrassment, but St. Louis is better than they've been the last couple of years - and they've played the Hawks tight year in and out.

Bulger is efficient, Steven Jackson is leading the league in rushing, and Leonard Little will get keyed up and notch three sacks tomorrow. Louis all the way, winning this one Boy Genius: Oh, and the line is Seattle giving three as a road favorite. Whaddaya think? CJ: It is an interesting line.

Six of the 13 games feature home dogs this week, and two of those home dogs are Saints and Rams. Seattle is not as good a team as they were last year. That much is clear. I suppose it could be losing Hutchinson, I don't know. I do know that Shaun Alexander is out again and that's bad news for the Seahawks. Steven Jackson is healthy, and the dome isn't an easy place to play.

I agree, Rams win outright Boy Genius: Whoo hoo! There's a dawg for you, now go lay some money down at Bodog ignore this "spread" they keep talking about and root for your favorite teams, or just a gosh darn well-played game! Praise Jesus!

CJ: Ha! That brings us to one of the least interesting games of the week. It's the last place Titans at the last place Redskins. The home team is giving Can the Redskins really be favored by Against anyone other than the Raiders. Last time I checked, the Titans actually put a scare in the Colts I'm not ready to predict an upset although the Titans have to win eventually , but the Skins won't cover, winning Boy Genius: Interesting?

Yawn, booor-ring. Can we skip the aging and overrated Gibbsians versus the gawdawful shotgun attack of the Toothless Titans? Well, I'll make it quick then. I think Tennessee did the right things last week by sneaking Vince into the starting lineup as well as sticking with the shotgun. Indy wasn't prepared - but Washington will be. I smell a blowout here with a significant Vince regression paving the way. Skins 17 - Titans 6. Two teams moving in opposite directions. Boy Genius: I'm really not sure what to make of this line.

Hasn't Huard been playing efficient football? Can you say the same about Roethlisberger? LJ doesn't sit this week after nearly getting his head torn off by a Cardinals DB, but Pittsburgh guard Kendall Simmons leaves the icepack on five extra minutes and is scratched with frostbite? Boy Genius: But the one thing I think about this game is that we're due for a "Dammit, we're the Champs" statement game from the Steelers, and I think that happens Sunday.

Pittsburgh puts their foot down in a big way, Hard to believe considering the two year run he's been on. I frankly won't trust picking the Steelers again until Roethlisberger proves he's ready to win, and 6. Chiefs win outright Boy Genius: Wow, that's quite a limb there. I don't see KC having the stones to hang in a big game, but that's just me.

Speaking of big games Wait, how are the Jets favored against anyone but Tennessee, Oakland and maybe Detroit? I don't care if Miami is starting Joey Fucking Harrington, how do they give two to anyone? CJ: Well, it probably has to do with the fact that they're playing a team that failed to get by the Texans. That says an awful lot about the Miami Dolphins.

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Or rather, dinner! The first time I made this dish I used regular and the results were beyond salty. I always have great luck with A Taste of Thai straight cut rice noodles which can be found in the regular Asian foods aisle at the grocery store.

Just add them to a dish, cover with really hot tap water, give them a stir, then let them soak. Next push all the ingredients to the side of the wok to make a well in the center then pour in 2 whisked eggs and scramble. Reduced sodium Tamari will still make this dish taste too salty. Pull the stir fry off the heat then scoop into bowls and serve.

However you go about it — enjoy! Potsticker Noodles Bowls are a gluten-free take-out fake-out recipe that tastes just like potstickers! Prep and cook in under 30 minutes. I use A Taste of Thai straight-cut gluten-free rice noodles for this recipe.

Regular and reduced sodium Tamari will make this dish taste too salty. You need the low sodium version. Emily Life on Food Sara MOM This looks heavenly! Making this will bring back memories of our trip to Japan! Just need that custard we had to finish the meal!

Julie Looks so good. Kristin Sarah Arthur in the Garden! Donel Thank you so much for this recipe. I loved pot stickers too and have really missed them. Brittany Words Like Honeycomb Can not WAIT to try this! We have had your sushi bowls practically every week since you posted them and I have a feeling this bowl will be added to the weekly rotation as well!!

Fiona Get Fit Fiona This looks delicious! I bet it would be great as leftovers the next day too. Betsy I love potstickers, too. I am excited to try this recipe. Thanks for adding a photo of the noodles you use. Cristina I would use Coconut Aminos instead. The noodles will have a little sweetness to them, but I think that would actually taste great! Ok this looks awesome. Not letting them soak long enough? Not cooking them right?

Let me know! Christine Katya Cant wait to try next week! Erica Denise This looks amazing! It is delicious and works perfectly as a substitute! This will hit the menu plan for next week for sure! For sure! It will add a touch of sweetness to this recipe, but I think that would actually be a nice addition!

Leslie Flora Foodie This is such a cool idea, and looks so delicious! Definitely adding this to my menu soon! Gail Lisa E Rie This looks fantastic. My adult niece, like you, has Celiac disease. She missing Chinese food so much along with bread!!! She is single so making a whole recipe might go to waste. Could the recipe be divided and frozen?? I can totally relate! Emily I always love your asian inspired recipes, but this one really takes the cake, er bowl!

What a fun idea. Jenn We moved back to the states from Japan last year and miss Japan especially the food so much! They were so much fun, my kids still talk about their swim lessons! Cant wait to try this. Awww, definitely made a couple trips to Yokosuka! I was at Camp Zama, right outside the Sobudaimae train station.

Still miss it almost 15 years later! Kate Rachael This looks so good we are having it tonight, and praying that the three year old will at least try it. I was wondering how the leftovers hold up. Amber HyVee brand soy sauce is actually gluten free! Barbara Thanks for a great dinner idea! Maybe pinch of sugar would be a nice addition? Amy Jeremy Laurie Question: if I dont need the recipe to be GF, would you still suggest rice noodles or would another type of noodle taste better?

Melissa Made this last night and it was very good but even with low sodium Tamari, it was a tad salty for us. Would you cut back on the amount used next time? Michelle But love the whole idea and interested in trying the rice noodles. I might leave out the Tablespoon of tamari used to season the pork, and just use salt and pepper instead! Made the Potsticker Noodle Bowls the other night, it was amazing!

Thank you for all the recipes, especially the gluten and dairy free. So helpful and fun. I think next time I make the Potsticker recipe, I will switch out the ground pork for turkey. Trying to keep the calorie count low. Yields: 5 dozen. Prep Time: 0 hours 10 mins.

Total Time: 1 hour 35 mins. For dumplings. Flour, for surface. Vegetable oil, for frying. For dipping sauce. This ingredient shopping module is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content on their web site.

Stir ingredients together, using your hands or a wooden spoon, until fully combined. Line a small baking sheet with parchment paper and dust lightly with flour. Place 4 dumpling wrappers on your work surface, and keep remaining wrappers covered with a clean kitchen towel. Place a heaping teaspoon pork filling just below center on each wrapper.

Wet the edge of wrapper with water and fold top half over bottom half and pinch border to seal. Alternatively, pleat dumplings by making small folds starting on one edge and ending on the other, pinching firmly to seal after each fold.

Place on prepared baking sheet and continue stuffing and sealing dumplings until all pork mixture is used. Heat 1 tablespoon vegetable oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add dumplings in an even layer, sealed side up. Touching is OK! Fry for 1 to 2 minutes, or until golden on the underside. Let steam for 3 minutes, then adjust lid so it is ajar, allowing steam to escape.

Cook until no water remains, about 3 minutes more.