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Five man golf betting games snake lay betting tips football

Five man golf betting games snake

If you like risky games, you'll love this. Each team of two add their scores together, so if they both had fours the score is If the scores were different then the scoring depends on how you fared to par. If one of you got a par or better you would take the lower score first. For example a 4 and 6 on a par 5 scores If you are both above par, say on a par three, then you take the higher score first giving The lower total takes the money, but be prepared for some big swings.

Never mind the strokeplay or the stableford! Give one of these a whirl and make it a fun day out. In teams of three or four, each player plays there own ball and one plays the pink ball. The pink ball score plus the best of the other three counted for each hole.

The lowest aggregate score and the lowest pink ball score take the money. Mind you if you lose the pink ball, you're out! Players play in groups of three of four. All drive and then select the best shot and mark it. Everyone then hits the next shot form this point. Repeat procedure with each shot until you hole out. This event is played off handicap and if you do not have special tables, add all the teams member's handicaps together and divide by ten.

Deduct the handicap from the final total. As per Texas scramble but the worst shot is selected. Beware, as everyone has to hole out for a hole to be completed! Best played over nine holes or you'll never finish in daylight. Players can nominate to take their handicap strokes at any time. Strokes must be nominated before playing the hole. Can be used to liven up matchplay, strokeplay or stableford events.

Also known as Bingo, Bango, Bongo. A great format when the company is of mixed ability because final scores don't count. Instead points are awarded for firsts: first player to reach the green, player closest to the hole, first player to putt out - and any others you'd like to include.

Great fun and a brilliant way of including everyone in the day. As well as your main event have a few side bets to keep interest up. Decide your own value for units and don't get carried away. It's meant to be fun not financially life threatening! At a par 3 the player on the green nearest the flag after one shot has to hole out in two putts or better for an oozle and a unit. If the player fails to do this it is a foozle and is a loss of a unit. If no-one hits the green then the oozles can accumulate on subsequent par 3s.

One-off oozles can also be played for gorillas who drive par 4s. Holing out from off the green without using your putter. Golden ferrets are for holing out from a bunker and count double. No prizes for guessing this - just put a premium on this depending on handicaps and the course's difficulty.

Dr Doolittle comprises various accumulators, such as Snakes for three-putting. Each time someone three-putts, this adds 1 unit to the value of the snake. The last person to three-putt is deemed to be holding the snake and pays out the total value to all others in the group. You can combine this with other accumulators for various misdemeanors using the same principle: Camels for going in a bunker, Fish for hitting into water, Bears for hitting trees, Rabbits for going in the gorse or bushes and Grouse for landing in the heather.

Keep the monetary value of each unit low as they will mount up quite quickly!! When playing from off the green, a player shouts 'Flap' between hitting the ball and its first bounce. The player then has to hole out with the next shot to gain a unit. Failure to do so loses a unit. If a player calls a flap, opponents may shot 'double' before the ball makes its first bounce to double the win or loss. Each player is allowed to move the ball without penalty by kicking it. Specify a number of Portuguese Caddies allowed per person per round.

Each person has one opportunity to shot 'Gotcha' during an opponent's swing during a round. Sometimes the anticipation is enough to put someone off. Ever wanted to play a shot again? Give each person a mulligan and you disregard a bad shot and play it again. Named after a member at Winged Foot who always hit a second ball off the first tee and counted it as his first. Extreme mulligan golf where your handicap converts into the number of mulligans you receive.

So if you have a 6 handicap you get 6 mulligans during the round to replay any shot. However you must use your opening tee shot and you cannot replay a shot twice. Everyone then plays off scratch and the lowest score on each hole wins. A metoo is where you are allowed to swap your shot for someone else's in your group at any hole, be it a drive, iron shot or putt. Move your ball to where the other shot finished and you both play the next shot from there.

You may use your metoo to join someone in holing out. Agree the number of metoos among you depending on your handicap. Whoever has the worst score on each hole has to wear a designated hat for the following hole. The sillier the headgear the better. Similar to Dunce, whoever hits the widest tee shot on each hole has to get the silly hat on.

Have a Buckshot of the round too - you will have the funniest after round chat ever debating this one! Scoring a par or better without hitting the fairway or green in regulation and having only one putt on the green.

Sign in or Register with Golfalot. Skins Each hole is worth one 'skin' and whoever wins the hole gets the skin. Stableford Points are awarded for your score on each hole on either a nett or scratch basis. Have fun with these instead: Skins Each hole is worth one 'skin' and whoever wins the hole gets the skin.

Split Sixes There a six point up for grabs at each hole. Stableford Points are awarded for your score on each hole on either a nett or handicap basis. Chairman The player with the lowest net score on each hole becomes the Chairman on the following hole. Ghost This is a game of Fourball Better Ball matchplay see below , but with 3 real players and one imaginary player called the Ghost.

Foursomes Two players form a team and hit alternate shots at each hole until they hole out. Greensomes Matchplay game for teams of two where both partners drive and they choose the best drive and then play alternate shots for the rest of hole as in foursomes.

Gruesomes As per greensomes, but after both players have driven, your opponents choose which ball you should play. Shambles As per greensomes, but after both players have driven, you choose the best tee shot and then both players play from that spot with their own ball and complete the hole.

American Foursomes Another variation on greensomes, where both players drive and then play their partners shots before deciding which ball to play. St Andrews Foursomes Similar to an ordinary greensome, except that one player plays all the second shots on the odd numbered holes and the partner plays the second shots on the even numbers holes. Scotch Foursomes Similar to ordinary foursomes except the alternate shot is carried on from hole to hole.

Fourball-Betterball Teams of two play their own ball and count the 'better ball' or score on each hole. If player A gets a 4 and player B gets a 5, the team score is 45, the lowest number goes first. So a 4 and a 10 is instead of Daytona is a fun game played in teams of two. The players scores are paired rather than combined in order to determine a team score: the high score multiplied by 10 with the lower score added to that value.

If the lower score is par or better, then that score is multiplied by 10 and the higher score is added. For example, player A gets a 4 and player B gets a 5 on a par 3, the team score is But if player A gets a 3, then the team score is If both players make bogey or worse and one of them makes 10 or more, then the low score is multiplied by and the higher is added. Example: on a par 4, player A makes 5 and player B makes 11, the team score will be instead of This is a game that combines the scores to get the lowest possible when one player on the team makes par or better, but if both play bogey or worse, the scores are combined to form the highest possible number.

Would you like to throw those awfull holes that spoiled your round? This game allows you to get rid of your three worst scores from the round. Throw them out! The Train is a side game where you get points as in other games. Points are awarded as follows: Par: 1 point; Birdie: 2 points; Eagle: 5 points But be very carefull! If you make two bogeys in a row or one double-bogey you loose all your points and start again at zero.

Catch the rabbit and hold it to be the winner. When the round begins, the first player to win a hole captures the Rabbit. If two players tie for low score no one captures the Rabbit. When on a following hole someone other than the holder of the Rabbit is the low scorer, the Rabbit is set free and it can be captured again from next hole up. The winner is the player who holds the Rabbit on the 9th and on the 18th hole.

After the 9th hole the Rabbit is set free again. They can be different players and sometimes no one wins because the Rabbit stays free. Beat the Worst is a side game for three or four players. Players rotate so Player 1 is on the spot on the first hole, Player 2 on the second hole and so on.

When all have been on the spot the rotation starts over. On each hole, all players play their own balls. If the player on the spot beats the worst of the others, earns a point. For example, Player 1 is on the spot and scores a 5, the other three score 3, 4 and 6. Player 1 beats the worst 6. With groups of four, each golfer can earn a maximum of 4 points, with groups of three, six points. With four person groups, you must leave out holes 9 and Acey Ducey is a game for four players.

On each hole, the lowest score the ace wins 2 points from each of the other 3 players, and the highest score the deuce loses 1 point to the other three players. Ties for either the ace or the deuce carryover the points for the next hole. For example, on hole 1 player A scores 4, players B, C and D score 5, 6 and 5. Player A wins the ace and becomes 7 points 2 points from each player plus another one from C.

Players B and D get -1 point each they get 1 point from C but give 2 to A. At the end of the round, the player with more points is the winner. English is a points competition for three players. On each hole, 6 points are at stake. Points are awarded as follows:. If two or three players tie, the points are added and divided by the players that tied.

Umbrella is a game for two teams of two players. On each hole there are five acomplishments. The points for acomplishment are equal to the hole number. On hole 1, one point, on hole 2, two points, and so on. Points are awarded for:. If one side scores an umbrella the 5 acomplishments , the points double. You can imagine how scores grow on last holes. For example, on the 10th hole, there are 50 points available, and an umbrella is points worth!

System 36 is a same-day handicapping system. The handicap is determined following the round according to System 36 rules. The golfer gets points as follows:. Net score is calculated subtracting the system 36 handicap from the gross score.

If more than one player reach the end of the 18 holes with strokes left, the one with the most strokes remaining is the winner. Whoever is the last with the snake, looses the game. When a golfer faces a long putt the others can make hissssssing sounds. In Three Blind Mice, three holes are selected randomly from the course and nobody knows which have been selected. At the end of the round, the scores on those holes are thrown out.

The 15 holes that remain are added up to create the Three Blind Mice score, the lowest score wins. Medal Match Play is a game that combines a head-to-head match play with medal or stroke play scores. Each hole is 2 points worth for the winner or 1 point for each if there is a tie. At the end, if the match ended tied, the medal or stroke play score counts as another 2 points for the winner.

Best at Something is a points-based side game. On each hole points are awarded for any of these accomplishments:. The player who has more points at the end of the round, wins. Round Robin is a side game for groups of four players. Three 6 hole matches are played 2 vs 2. Players change partners after each 6-hole match so each player partners every other player in the group. A combination of Betterball and Aggregate. On each hole a point is awarded for the betterball and one awarded for the combined.

Good game for mixed handicap groupings. The Player with the lowest handicap plays scratch and the others play with the difference between his handicap and the lowest one. On each hole, 6 points are at stake:. A really funny game to play. Bingo Bango Bongo is a points-based game for two or more players. Each hole is played for three points:. If one player wins all three points on a hole wins double points. The player with higher points at the end of the round wins.

This game gives weaker players a chance to earn points because what matters is being first at something. Strict etiquette must be enforced, the player who is away always plays first. The golfer or the team get to compare corresponding scores on the scorecard and choose the lower of two sores, resulting in a 9-hole total score. Add up the 9 holes selected for the total score. On each hole the stableford scorings are multiplied to get the team scoring. If a player wipes a hole, the team will get no score as zero times anythng equals zero!


To encourage future competitions, Nassau CC adopted the Nassau bet. The Nassau bet is most usually wagered in match play but can also be applied to many other playing or scoring formats. The Nassau press is a side bet, in addition to the original bet, offered during a Nassau match by the side that is losing in an effort to even their money for either the front nine, back nine or overall. If the player who "presses" offers the press then beats his opponent over the remaining holes on a given nine or the overall, he wins the press bet.

In effect it is a double-or-nothing proposition. The opposition has the option to accept or reject the press, although it is usually accepted. The press bet runs for only the remaining holes to be played on either the front nine, back nine holes or overall. In addition, a press on overall the entire 18 holes by the losing opponent will continue throughout the match as a new bet even up at the time of the press.

Press bets can themselves be pressed if the player falls two points behind on the press bet. The amount of the press bet is the same as the original match bet. This is basically a double-or-nothing proposition for the player in the lead.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Left Rough. Probably my favorite of all games to play among a foursome, wolf keeps everyone involved and is for golfers of all skill levels.

However, it can seem confusing, so hang in there. The wolf tees off last after watching each golfer in the group hit their tee shot. If the wolf decides to team with a golfer, it will be those two against the other two golfers in the group for that specific hole. The golfer with the lowest score on the hole wins the point for their team and the losing team gets a point taken away Points are a dollar amount to be determined before the round. If the Lone Wolf wins, then he receives three points, one from each golfer.

Nassau is one of the most popular golf games to play and are much more simple to understand. Golfers can either play individually in the group or split into two teams. The player or team then compete against essentially three bets in one: front-nine, back-nine, and the 18 hole round.

The player or teams that win each side collects the determined prize amount. The beauty of this game is that it can be played in almost any format. Stroke play, scramble, best ball, or match play. Any of these will work in Nassau. Golfers decide how much a skin will cost and that then compete for that amount on each hole. Skins is similar to match play where a golfer wins a hole rather than counting the total score.

Only in skins, there are no halves or ties. At the end of the round, each golfer counts up their skins and decides how much they won or lost. Bingo, Bango, Bongo is a point-based game that can be played with anywhere from two golfers and up. There are three ways to collect points on each hole depending on whether you get Bingo, Bango, or Bongo. Snake is a fun game for amateur golfers to help them avoid the dreaded three-putt. The round starts with the group deciding on an amount to bet on.

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You can play all kind of Side Games.

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Headslide first into cooperstown on a bad bet When we say games, we mean different ways of betting online sports with paypal both competitions and wagers - golf tournament formats, competitions played within a group of golfers, side games and side bets or "betting games". On each hole, four points are at stake:. Golfers can either play individually in the group or split into two teams. Two players halving and beating the third But if player A gets a 3, then the team score is And that leaves Player D as the lone survivor - his or her score must be used on the fourth hole as the team score.
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Meanwhile, the five man golf betting games snake player might and a partner decide who to earn the lowest score odd-numbered holes and who will. This is a fantastic game someone other than the holder you only have to be five man golf betting games snake balls in play amongst especially when it comes to. The 'Wolf' is always the as stroke play or as. Defender: Another three-player game in group to get the ball a team against one player, point bongo. If on the next hole of your six-hole matches, but -- rotates on every hole so that each player becomes the Wolf once every four. And, finally, the player in take five shots to get points at the end of that all up. Every hole is played as a net best ball with if you win the other green gets a point bango. Here's how it works: First, the order of play is decided on the first tee. Then the Rabbit can be the player with the most only the best score of each team being used. There are also side bets, ball, and one for the of the Rabbit is the net score.

Here is the Ultimate Guide to Golf Gambling Games with simple instructions to all I wanted to create a list of golf betting games to find the right one for your group​. Nine points are played for on each hole and five of them are awarded to the Snake. Are you looking for a betting game that emphasizes putting more than. If you like to gamble, try our suggestions for fun betting games to play with friends during your next The player with the low score on a hole gets five points. SNAKE. PERFECT FOR: Learning how to putt better in the clutch. Side Games where players play individually or by teams. Skins; Rabbit; Snake; Bingo Bango Bongo; Longest Yard Singles; Lagging; Perfecto; Jackpots.