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Periptero armenians nicosia betting

The electricity supply in Cyprus is volts, a. Sockets are usually 13 amp, square pin in most buildings. More than one low current rating appliance may be operated from the same supply point by using an adaptor i. The use of adaptors for operating high current rating appliances is not recommended i.

Many hotels provide adaptors upon request from the reception. Adaptors can be purchased from electricians, supermarkets, grocery shops, etc. Cyprus uses the metric system of weights and measures. Temperatures are reported in degrees Celsius, petrol is sold by the litre, grocery items are in grams and kilograms, fabric lengths in meters, and road speeds and distances posted in kilometers.

If you have a complaint concerning an establishment or a service, you can contact the manager of the hotel or tourist establishment. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied and wish to take your complaint further, please contact the Cyprus Tourism Organization. Some professions are regulated by local legislation setting out the qualifications and procedures needed to acquire the right to pursue a specific profession.

The employment of non-European citizens is subject to the approval of the Department of Labour which examines applications submitted by employers seeking to hire foreigners in order to meet pressing, short term needs in the labour market in certain economic fields and occupations. Cyprus is renown throughout the world as the all year-round island. It lies at the crossroads of three continents, where East meets West and vast new experiences await you under the warmth of the sun.

Floating on the waters of the European Mediterranean, but pointing longingly towards the shores of Syria, Turkey and Lebanon, its cultural influences may be dominated by Western Europe but its geographic proximity to Asia and Africa gives it more than just a hint of the East. Long coveted by mainland Greece and Turkey, this small island has its own definite and beguiling character. Rich in ancient history, Cyprus boasts numerous ancient monumental sites including the beautifully preserved mosaics and mythological ancient tombs.

Kykkos Monastery , which lies 20 km west of Pedoulas has to be one of the most captivating and you can easily lose yourself in its archways and mosaics. Visit the Akamas Peninsula where wild turtles come to nest on the beautiful beaches, sample the magnificent stretches of coastline with an aquamarine sea, and visit the bird and animal parks. With excellent hiking and walking trails, experience the spectacular Troodos Mountains and Kyrenia ranges, or head to the north coast and inhale the scent of the citrus groves of Morfou.

Climb to the medieval castles with their shimmering island views or wander through the sea of wildflowers covering the west of the island in springtime. Whether you experience all or just one of these during your stay, Cyprus will undoubtedly take your breath away. Cyprus enjoys an intense Mediterranean climate of hot dry summers starting in mid-May and lasting until mid-September with rainy but quite mild winters from November to mid-March.

With almost year-round clear skies and sunshine, daylight ranges from 9. There are no significant daily fluctuations in sea water temperatures, except in the very shallow waters, less than one metre deep. Sunshine Cyprus enjoys a very sunny climate compared with most countries with Cyprus has a long history of earthquakes, references citing catastrophic disasters for the island during the most notable quake in In recent years, the island's highest-recorded earthquake was a 6.

Most earthquakes go unnoticed as they sit very low on the Richter Scale. Greek and Turkish are the main languages spoken by the Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot communities respectively. English is widely spoken throughout the island. Russian, French and German are also well spoken within the tourist industry. Cyprus enjoys a high level of freedom of worship. While the majority of Greek-Cypriots are Greek-Orthodox Christians, other denominations are represented on the island, including Armenians, Maronites and Roman Catholics.

The Turkish-Cypriot community is predominantly Muslim. This magical Mediterranean paradise is filled with contrasts and there is so much to do, see and experience. The hamam is similar to a sauna and you can lie back in the ornately decorated rooms and indulge in a centuries-old Greek tradition. Situated in the stone-built Augustinian Church of St Mary that was built in the 14th Century, the baths are designed to offer a refreshing and relaxing experience unlike anything else enjoyed before.

At the top of a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea are the remains of the Roman city of Curium and the famed amphitheatre. Throughout the year plays are staged at the Curium ruins and the acoustics of this theatre are a testament to the sophistication of Roman engineering.

A Shakespeare play is performed here annually and for thespians this is guaranteed to be a once in a lifetime experience. The food in Cyprus is unforgettable and there is nothing more exciting than indulging in traditional cuisine made by a local family.

Finding an authentic taverna that serves dishes made from recipes handed down for hundreds of years is the culinary equivalent to hitting the jackpot at www. Watching these giant lumbering creatures come ashore is a truly unique experience and there are occasional organised tours that will take a few lucky people onto the rugged and remote sands to watch this annual event.

Cyprus offers activities for everyone and there is so much more to experience than just the beautiful beaches and stunning snowy peaks of Mount Olympus. The rich history of the island makes it an even more interesting destination and the many UNESCO heritage sites and museums offer insight into the cultures and traditions of this magical place. There are well over thousands of listings already on our website and its growing all the time. For Paphos will be one of two European Capital of Culture.

PIFF is an independent not-for-profit organization committed to supporting authentically independent films and it aims to research, promote and develop the art of independent filmmaking. The program includes screenings of short films from Cyprus and abroad as well workshops, master classes and lectures.

Every year, Cypriots celebrate music and performing arts at various different locations throughout Larnaca, both indoor and outdoor. There is a small entrance fee, but once inside, you can taste as many wines as you wish. Find out more information here.

If you have a car that is 20 years of older you can join in, if not, come along to see beautiful cars of times past. This is a 2-day event held in Nicosia, where chefs demonstrate their different culinary expertise and the public can join in with wine tasting and more. There is a kids section, too, to get the little ones excited and interested in tasting and preparing all kinds of food. Fixed-line telephone services for home and business usage in Cyprus are provided by Cyta , an independent but government-owned company, and PrimeTel , MTN and Cablenet.

Other registration fees with telephone providers usually apply. Each company offers a variety of tariff options and bundled service deals which can include internet, telephone, mobile and digital TV services combined or separately. New residents can sign up with Cyta online, over the phone, or in person at any one of the Cytashops around Cyprus. The company offers residential packages as well as services for businesses. PrimeTel do not charge monthly line rental.

PrimeTel also has customer service centres throughout Cyprus. MTN offer mobile phones on monthly payment contracts and pay as you go , landline telephony and broadband for both private and business clients. MTN stores are located all over Cyprus and they provide an online e-store selling mobile and computer devices.

Tel: 01 or Cyta public phones are in all towns, villages, ports and airports. There are three types of public telephones, coinphones, outdoor cardphones and indoor cardphones. All public phones can be used for local and international calls. Cardphones accept payment by Telecards, which are available in various denominations.

They can be purchased at banks, post offices, souvenir shops, kiosks and CytaShops. Cyprus has a modern mobile 3G phone network. Mobile cellular telephones are available from major retailers and phone shops. The most economical way to make and receive calls will likely be to purchase a SIM card in Cyprus.

All incoming calls are free and local calls are charged at a local rate. In order to do use a foreign phone in Cyprus, the phone must be "unlocked", meaning it is not tied to a particular provider's network. If the phone is locked, it may be possible to unlock the phone at phone stores in the country of origin or in Cyprus. Once a phone is unlocked, it may be used on any network provided the phone uses the same technology provided in Cyprus. Pay-As-You-Go usage means no contract is necessary; users buy pre-paid credits for usage.

In order to use the phone on a Pay-As-You-Go basis, make sure the phone is unlocked, purchase a SIM card a very small replaceable microchip for a small fee, remove the old SIM card often underneath the phone battery and install the new SIM card. The new SIM card packaging will include the new Cyprus phone number.

Purchase credit available in periptero kiosks, tobacconists, post offices and petrol stations and redeem it with the salesperson if purchased in a phone store or via phone call or text message. There are no roaming agreements with the northern part of Cyprus; Cyprus mobile phones do not work there, however a cellular handset from another country works on both sides of the island.

Cytamobile , Primetel and MTN all offer pay as you go plans. All mobile phone operators in Cyprus offer Cyta has monthly payment plans which generally offer a better rate for frequent callers. Various plans which include airtime minutes, SMS and mobile internet are available for a monthly fee. Unlimited talk plans and discounts or free mobile devices are also offered by some networks. A month contract is needed to subscribe to most monthly plans; there are penalties for early cancellation.

Mobile contracts, fixed telephone, digital television and internet bills are issued monthly. They can be sent by post or email. Bills in English can be requested when signing up for a service. Arrangement for direct debit payments can be made when signing a contact with a particular network or service.

In order to get online in Cyprus a landline telephone line is required. Once a landline has been set up there are a number of internet providers to choose from. All providers offer packages and deals which include a combination of internet, telephone and television services. Registration fees usually apply. Providers will often advertise free installation offers and deals in the local press or via their websites. In order to obtain ADSL service, a phone line is necessary.

A monthly connection fee is payable to some the ADSL providers as well as the Internet service provider and a fee for digital television will also be payable if this option is chosen. Digital television is available from all Internet providers. Wireless modems are provided and installed by the service provider.

Cablenet subscribers do not connect via a phone line, rather using a coaxial cable to do so. The cable is installed on subscription, making telephone, Internet and TV available in one package. Cablenet's service area is much smaller than that of Cytanet or PrimeTel. Mobile internet in Cyprus is generally only available in cities and suburban areas.

Rural areas have limited 3G and 3. There are two main mobile internet providers in Cyprus, with other providers piggy-backing on these suppliers' networks:. Information from CyprusBroadband. If you need the Emergency Services, including fire, police and ambulance this information will help you contact them as well as sea rescue, drug-abuse help, poison centres, chemists, emergency doctors and hospitals. Call to reach all emergency services - medical, fire or police - from anywhere in Europe.

This Pan-European emergency number can be called from any telephone landline, pay phone or mobile cellular phone. Calls are free. Operators in Cyprus speak English. If you do not know your location they are able to geo-locate you. Please note; only use the numbers above for life threatening situations always ring local numbers for any other circumstances.

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Featured Partners 1. News 2. Telephone Numbers You can find a comprehensive list of Emergency and Useful numbers by clicking here. Postcodes For a comprehensive list of Cyprus postcodes click here. Radio Stations Rock FM Published in Visiting Cyprus. Be the first to comment! Read more Favourite Drinks Frappe is perfect for a hot day; usually a concoction of instant coffee, foam and ice.

Take a sip! Commandaria is the well-known and well-loved rich, fruity, sweet desert wine. Currency Exchange All banks operating in Cyprus offer foreign currency exchange services and quote the exchange rates of the Euro against all major foreign currencies daily.

Commercial Banks Monday to Friday 8. Average Temperatures In broad lines, Cyprus's climate is characterised by hot summers and mild winters. Winds Winds over the island are relatively variable in direction and strength depending on the elevation of the land and local temperatures. Clothing During Different Seasons Clothing requirements vary, depending on the length and the period of your visit.

Cyprus Facts All you need to know to help plan your stay and make it more enjoyable. Legal Requirements. Every person entering Cyprus is entitled to import the following duty free articles not intended for commercial purposes , provided they are carried in the passengers' hand luggage or accompanying baggage: Tobacco. Credit cards Just as popular as ATMs, credit cards can be used in stores, restaurants, supermarkets and petrol stations.

International transfers If you need to access your funds, international transfers are possible from your home bank to any of Cyprus' major banks. Travellers cheques These are not as popular as they used to be, but are a good stand-by in an emergency. Tap Water Water is safe to drink in Cyprus. Electricity The electricity supply in Cyprus is volts, a.

Measurement System Cyprus uses the metric system of weights and measures. Procedure of Filing a Complaint If you have a complaint concerning an establishment or a service, you can contact the manager of the hotel or tourist establishment. Further detailed information can be obtained from the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance. Sea Temperatures There are no significant daily fluctuations in sea water temperatures, except in the very shallow waters, less than one metre deep.

Earthquakes Cyprus has a long history of earthquakes, references citing catastrophic disasters for the island during the most notable quake in Religions Cyprus enjoys a high level of freedom of worship. Watch a play At the top of a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea are the remains of the Roman city of Curium and the famed amphitheatre. Visit a traditional taverna The food in Cyprus is unforgettable and there is nothing more exciting than indulging in traditional cuisine made by a local family.

Depends www. Free www. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Is your business already on finding Cyprus? Find out more information here Nicosia Cyprus International Food Festival 12th — 13th November This is a 2-day event held in Nicosia, where chefs demonstrate their different culinary expertise and the public can join in with wine tasting and more. We take the definative list from the Cyprus Central bank.

Once this is published for these years we will update this list. Thursday, 06 October Communications Written by Administrator. Monthly payment plans All mobile phone operators in Cyprus offer Cyta has monthly payment plans which generally offer a better rate for frequent callers. Paying a telephone, digital television or internet bill Mobile contracts, fixed telephone, digital television and internet bills are issued monthly.

Payments must be paid in full by cash or bank card in one of the following ways: At any customer service centres of the network provider. Cable Internet Cablenet subscribers do not connect via a phone line, rather using a coaxial cable to do so. Mobile Internet Mobile internet in Cyprus is generally only available in cities and suburban areas. There are two main mobile internet providers in Cyprus, with other providers piggy-backing on these suppliers' networks: Cyta MTN also offers Pay-As-You-Go mobile data for mobiles, tablets, laptops or multi-use SIM cards.

Related Information Information from CyprusBroadband. Medical, Police, Fire, Emergency numbers If you need the Emergency Services, including fire, police and ambulance this information will help you contact them as well as sea rescue, drug-abuse help, poison centres, chemists, emergency doctors and hospitals.

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Moving from port to port without any hassle of preparing luggage… Cruising is the ideal holiday hassle-free holiday! During the day enjoy different games like treasure hunts, tournaments, karaoke or even dancing lessons. If you just need a relaxing day at sea try the spa. Evenings on board are even more exciting!

All the ships offer a variety of bars, lounges, piano bars and many more. You may enjoy your. The choices are so many that you will enjoy every single night on board! Staff are well trained and after a personal meeting with one of the expert cruise consultants the company feels sure it will meet your great expectations for a cruise of a lifetime! Half of the names on the list are UK residents, while the rest are based in various other countries.

This enabled the tax authorities in the UK and elsewhere to trace tax evaders and recoup unpaid tax and interest and penalties. In all, the list contains 8, names, including in France, in Spain and in the US. It is of course completely legal to use offshore bank accounts, provided you accurately report the income in your country of residence. Whether you live in the UK or Cyprus, you are obliged to declare your worldwide income.

Offshore bank accounts can provide various advantages for British expatriates, but tax planning is not one of them. You should only ever use tax planning which is compliant in your country of residence. The Telegraph article emphasises the fact that the list of bank account owners includes a convicted gun runner, drug dealers and three bankers facing fraud charges. The list also contains dozens of people who appear to have no source of substantial income and yet still hold large amounts in Jersey, which is exactly the sort of anomaly.

World Vision is one of the world's leading relief, development and advocacy organizations, currently helping more than million people in almost countries. As a Christian organization, we work alongside communities in their struggle against poverty, hunger and injustice, irrespective of their religious beliefs.

HSBC accounts in Jersey under scrutiny tax investigators look for. The UK tax authorities are understood to be going through the list and comparing it to tax returns to determine which accounts have not been correctly declared. The consequences of using Jersey or other offshore centres to evade tax in the UK include heavy penalties, possibility of criminal prosecution, possibility of naming and shaming.

We can expect the names of clients based. This is an embarrassment for the bank, not only because of the breach of security. It raises questions about its internal compliance procedures in Jersey and how it vets customers. HSBC is already facing a large penalty for failing to implement proper controls in Mexico. Jersey insists that it is not a haven for drugs money, tax evasion or other crime. This incident could however put more pressure on Jersey to commit to automatic exchange of information, especially if it is established that people have been using the island to evade tax.

To keep in touch with the latest developments in the offshore world, check out the latest news on our website www. The organization is seeking to recruit a qualified, flexible and highly motivated individual for the following position, who will be based in their regional office in Nicosia: Finance Assistant: This position will provide support to the financial management and reporting of the Regional office, ensuring good stewardship, transparency and accountability.

Ensure timely and accurate processing of inter-office charges, expense reports, payments, reconciliations. Assist in reviewing, updating and implementing financial policies and procedures. Fluent English and Greek.

The position requires interacting with a large and diverse group of stakeholders on a regular basis. The ability to be organized and detailed is essential. This position requires a self-starter who is willing to take ownership of an assignment and drive it to completion with minimal supervision. Must have level of independence, show initiative and be highly motivated. Visit our website for more information at www. Only qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview.

All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence. The AHDR also seeks to engage support for its information technology and technical needs. The Consultancy Company will be required to provide ongoing support on an as-needed basis, whilst also overseeing IT and technical needs related to the Home for Cooperation H4C.

In exploring the subject, it is clear small states such as Cyprus face exceptional problems with respect to the energy sector, which are either unique to them, or considerably accentuated by their size. Over and above these factors, the Turkish occupation of northern Cyprus and lack of progress on the Cyprus problem also add to the challenges, with regards security of facilities and of supplies.

RES are only 6 per cent of the total, but are now developing rapidly and have more than doubled from to Within the context of these three pillars, the current focus is on the following: a promotion of RES with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, thereby addressing climate change and achieving EU environment objectives, but also attaining security of supply by. Under EU mandatory policy Cyprus has to achieve 13 per cent penetration into total energy consumption by , while the EU as a whole is set to achieve 20 per cent.

For most countries, including Cyprus, the targets were to increase penetration by about 10 per cent of the level. The EU is currently discussing policy on RES for the post period - for , and - and key decisions will be taken by the European Council on December 3. Deutsche is also being probed by regulators over possible rigging of the Libor benchmark international lending rate and for the way it sold toxic assets to investors.

In future you need to have other qualities. By , Deutsche Bank said in September it wants to raise the proportion of female staff in senior leadership positions to 25 per cent from around 17 per cent in It is also seeking to raise the proportion of women in overall leadership positions to 35 per cent by from around Here are some of the reported measures and their effects on the real estate market.

If the banks are to be recapitalised by troika, the situation will get better but not immediately. Values are based as at 1. It will have an impact on large holdings and especially on struggling developers making their situation worse and increasing the risks to its buyers.

See example of property taxes which although is the responsibility of the individual buyers to. This will increase supply, causing a delay in the recovery of the market. If we are to create the Bad Bank see Ireland and Spain where bad debts and their mortgages will be taken over by a bank who will undertake the sale of property, this could cause a sharp reduction of projects especially the non completed ones, whereas demolishing projects in order to recover the land will not be far away see Spain and Ireland.

Proposal to be classed as such even if security covers the debt. The proposal suggests that 90 days delay classes a loan as nonperforming. This is just crazy making no sense at all. From: www. AVOIDING disputes related to land is preferable than resolving them through court since such dispute is emotional and governed by the claim of ownership. Trespass cannot create ownership rights, because the law states that no estate, interest, right, privilege, liberty, easement or any other advantage whatsoever in, on or over any immovable property shall subsist or shall be created, acquired or transferred except under the provisions of the law.

The court has discretion in the case of deprivation of property to adjudicate damages. The wall was constructed by the previous owner-developing company in when they built a two-storey house, which they sold thereafter. The court, given the fact that the trespass was admitted, proceeded and issued an order for the demolition of the part of the wall built in the plot of the neighbour.

The court stated the following principles govern the issue: a an injunction must be issued rarely and only when the plaintiff shows there is a great possibility for serious damage to be caused to him in the future if the injunction is not issued, b when the damage to be caused due to the refusal to issue the injunction cannot be remedied through the adjudication of damages, and c the injunction will be refused where the compliance of the defendant with it will be illegal.

It also added the following criteria: a if the damage of the plaintiff is small, b is such that can be monetarily ascertained and the plaintiff will be adequately compensated, and c if the case is such that the issue of the order would be oppressive to the defendant, the court can adjudicate damages instead of the order, taking into account the behaviour of the litigants, especially the defendant. The growing popularity of high-rise homes has a lot to do with what they bring to the buyer - the expectation of portered, secure space where maintenance is taken care of by someone else, and busy lives catered for by a phone call to the reception desk.

More than residential towers in London are either under construction or have planning consent, says a report launched this month. Soaring land values - up But this time around they are hedging their bets and going for the mantra of mixed use. The better the mix of functions, the better the spread of the risk.

But council tower blocks had lost the plot. The European model of postwar towers were never meant for the low-income groups. What the people got was not pleasant. While giving the buyer a good view, the architect must also give the citizen a feel-good factor. But not all approved towers are guaranteed to be built.

Developers are struggling to obtain bank fund-. Currently, 25 residential towers with more than 20 storeys are under way. They are set to create a. While skyscraper critics, including a powerful heritage lobby, regard towers as eyesores and vanity projects, planners continue.

The rationale is that clusters are more aesthetically pleasing than a tower in isolation, and they help areas become thriving zones. Public-access viewing galleries and amenities such as restaurants are also encouraged, though the requirement for on-site affordable housing is being relaxed. Several skyscrapers are scheduled for completion next year, when others will be starting to make their mark on the horizon. The Heron, on Silk Street, in the City, is a storey black glass and stainlesssteel skyscraper with apartments plus a roof garden and private club for residents.

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Necessary processing time depends on the degree of the problem. Customer liaison and support is given by trained representatives, albeit that no continuous maintenance is required. In short no cure, no payment! Send your classified by fax or email and pay by credit card, cheque or cash. Nicosia - email: classified cyprus-mail.

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Selling at very low prices for clearance. Half registration fees til the Half registration fees till the Sale of either all together or independently. Regular amphitheatrical shape overlooking Ladies Mile. Water supply, electricity and telephones are.

Please note tel nos. Suitable for immediate development. Ideal for various health facilities and resorts, holiday centres, commercial and shopping centres, entertainment enterprises etc. Information: Tel. Has permit to work in Cyprus. Only in Limassol. Contact: - Nicosia. Near American Embassy, many shops around. Across Syrian restaurant. It has been recently renovated and consists of four bedrooms, two bathrooms, big dining and sitting rooms, kitchen and a huge veranda.

Approximate covered area sqm. Tel: Furnished or unfurnished. Excellent condition. Open plan fully-equipped kitchen and living area, two bathrooms, air conditioning and central heating. Big veranda. Near the town centre and University of Cyprus.

Available middle of January. For many more properties with photos visit our website at www. A1DASR, 1 bedr luxury spacious apartment with big sitting and dining room, big bathroom, big bedroom. A2LYKR, 2 bedr penthouse apartment with big veranda 60sq.

Hellenic bank headquarters. Simply call one of our telephone numbers listed below and speak to one of our English speaking team:. The way insurance should be. Associated Newspapers Ltd are not a party to, or involved in, any insurance arrangements.

For information call , Price euros negotiable Minimum contract 1 year. Info mob For info mob Contact us on , , and High quality furnishings throughout. Quote TLL Please call us for a free valuation. Call for further information quoting Ref. View our full range of over properties by visiting www. TALA — 2 two bed, 2 bath villa style apts on stunning quiet complex with 4 pools, with off road and underground parking.

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Tel: 97 Most powerful 12C will have up to hp not be subject to the usual racing regulations of the successful 12C GT3 racer on which it is based. This forms part of a unique high downforce aerodynamic package which. These include door mirror mounts and covers, engine cover vents, side radiator intake vanes, sill covers and badges. Sharing the same carbon. Inside the cockpit are two black race seats, complete with full six-point harnesses, and a unique McLaren GT steering wheel carried over from the 12C GT3 race car.

We have no. As in past editions, the event is attracting crews from all over Europe and beyond which is a testament to the event and all those who work so hard to make it happen. This year we want all the trialists to have a go at all the sections in Wales, not just the experts. It also announced the opening of a new proving ground for testing Integrated Transport Systems ITS that use radio communications between vehicles, road infrastructure and pedestrians to improve safety.

A surprisingly large number of collisions are caused by drivers hitting the wrong pedal or selecting the wrong gear - particularly when parking. Toyota has come up with two new systems which help to reduce the consequences when this happens.

Designed to be useful when negotiating a car park, it will sound an alarm, reduce engine power and apply the brakes. Drive-Start Control recognises if the wrong gear has been selected when the driver is applying the throttle. This can help, for example, when a driver reacts to hitting an object while reversing by making a quick shift to a forward gear while still pressing the accelerator pedal.

Toyota is set to introduce both systems in future vehicles. This version of PCS — a technology already featured on a number of Toyota and Lexus models — uses a millimetrewave radar to monitor the risk of collision with a vehicle ahead. If it detects an impact risk, it triggers an alarm and warning display to alert the driver to apply the brakes.

When the brake pedal is pressed, the system will increase the braking force to up to twice the average level achieved by drivers. Already, the technology is being prepared for use in forthcoming models. Croatian shooting guard Marko Popovic led the Lithuanian side with 19 points while former Chicago Bulls forward Andres Nocioni cut a forlorn.

Caja Laboral coach Zan Tabak said his team were a pale shadow of the side that won the Spanish league title after they reached four successive Euroleague Final Four tournaments from Croatia centre said. Siena and Maccabi produced the most dramatic match of the round as the Italian side celebrated their fourth successive win after beginning with three defeats and stayed on course to advance from a tough preliminary pool.

Holders Olympiakos Piraeus also notched a fourth consecutive victory and moved closer to the top 16 with a home rout of Anadolu Efes Istanbul, while eight-time winners Real Madrid produced a strong second half to beat Khimki Moscow Grizzlies maul Lakers McIlroy and Donald line to continue their hot start up classic duel in desert.

The Jamaican sprint star, who retained his , and 4x metres titles at London , does not have a Commonwealth gold medal, having missed the Games. The Lakers dropped to on the road and on the season as the Grizzlies continued their early season impressive form.

Donald did not drop a stroke to par for the third day running, while McIlroy was boosted by an inspired birdie-birdie-par-eagle burst from the 11th. South African compatriots Louis Oosthuizen 68 and Charl Schwartzel 67 were in a tie for third place on There was an England alltime record-equalling 22nd Test century on offer as extra motivation for each of the third-wicket pair.

But it was the opportunity to be associated with a famous victory here which had to be the principal guiding force. England fared well almost throughout, save the setbacks of losing Nick Compton and Jonathan Trott in such quick succession. Compton shared an encouraging stand of It was only when slow leftarmer Ojha returned for his second spell that Compton was undone, caught at slip off a full ball which turned enough to take the edge of his forward-defence.

Ojha, Ravichandran Ashwin and Harbhajan Singh had conditions in their favour. But Cook and Pietersen answered every question, in their contrasting styles, each needing a little luck as well as plenty of skill as edges were controlled short of slip and the line of the stumps protected when sharp turn often beat the bat.

Pietersen began with a cover-driven four off Harbhajan, and reached his ball 50 with a back-foot stroke in the same direction for his eighth boundary off Ashwin. Only when he escaped a sharp chance to Virender Sehwag, on 85, in the last over of the day from Harbhajan did he make a notable mistake. Ashwin had hardly batted like a number eight, since his arrival at the crease Friday night. Harbhajan survived on one when an outside-edge off. England competed every step of the way with South Africa, matching the Springboks for intensity and desire and they battled back from down with real heart.

They were the better team, particularly in the second half when Owen Farrell came on, but their undoing was a slice of bad luck just after the interval. Farrell added three penalties to the two struck by. Toby Flood as England battled all the way to the death. Lancaster will be encouraged by those qualities.

Last week, England were criticised for not taking their points. Yesterday, Robshaw changed his mind having initially told Farrell to kick for touch. Kyriakoudes, 6B. C Pindarou St. Tel: , H D. Sergiou, 18 Delfon St. Tel: , H P. Aresti, Strovolos Ave, Strovolos. Tel: , H A. Hadjiapostolou, 36D K. Matsis Ave. Tel: , H G. Elpida, 7 Gr. Dighenis Ave. Tel: , H N. Christoforou, Makariou Ave.

Christodoulou, 2 Armenian Church Rd. Tel: , H V. Christakis, 31A Papanicolis St. Makariou, 20 Neapoleos, Ave. Alapai, 8 Gr. Tel: , H. Antoniou, 21A Prodromou Ave. Tel: , H K. Christodoulou, 25A Kapenisiou St. Tel: , H M. Paranis, 28D Lycavitou St, Makedonitissa. Kokkinou, Limassol Ave. Tel: , H E. Georgiou 48B N. Pattichi Tel: , H P. Michaelides, Gr. Digheni Ave. Stephanidou, 6 Bishop Laurentiou St. Loizidou, 47 Thermopilon St. Kayias, 6A Sotiras St. Du Plessis had already shown an endearing penchant for slapstick when he made a horrible mess of a catch on Friday, spilling a simple chance at backward point.

My boot clipped one of the stairs and my whole foot came out. I had to kneel in front of the whole crowd there, while they were abusing me from both sides. Althought the tourists still trailed by runs, the crowd was more subdued as he strode back to the changerooms. The pair will come face to face at the Liberty Stadium just days after the Wales captain accused Suarez of treating other players with contempt in his book My Premier League Diary. Liverpool manager, and former Swansea boss, Brendan Rodgers has attempted to calm the situation, and revealed Williams has spoken to both himself and Suarez over his comments.

When you are involved you are a debate and you have to accept that. The Hammers travel to local rivals Tottenham today before a midweek clash at Manchester United and another London derby with Chelsea next weekend. But it is the forthcoming week of matches that Allardyce reckons could prove to be a tough test for his squad. We very rarely saw Jermain Defoe employed as a lone striker when Harry was in charge, but we have seen it quite a lot under Andre.

They have been going OK, but only time will tell whether it will be enough. The pair have a perceived rivalry dating back to when Mourinho succeeded Mancini as Inter Milan boss in What Mourinho said is not interesting. That was also interpreted in some quarters as an attack on Mancini as it could have suggested the manager was not making the most of the players at his disposal.

Other managers will have time to come to Manchester City but in this moment I am here and we are working well. That has much to do with his success over the past two years and the now stronglooking start to their Barclays Premier League title defence. That contrasts with the situation at Stamford Bridge,.

They are good men, they understand the situation. They know it is impossible to win every game and sometimes we lose. If we could just. We have got Southampton on Sunday then Stoke on Wednesday night. Neither of the England internationals have agreed extensions to their contracts with the Champions League winners and their futures have been the subject of some debate. But any momentum Sunderland had established dissipated on the half-hour when the visitors took the lead in spectacular style.

But it could have been so different had he not struck a last-minute winner. For an Ali Al Habsi own goal looked to have spoiled the Wigan party after Gomez had struck twice in the second half. He only managed to knock the ball onto the crossbar and it rebounded off his hands into the net. Sean Morrison had given Reading the lead, rising high-. But Gomez levelled at the second attempt after seeing the initial shot from Franco di Santo spilled by Reading keeper Adam Federici just before the hour mark.

Gomez then dived to head. However, Mignolet, whose form this season has been a source of comfort for his manager, thereafter suffered a ca-. However, the game might have been effectively over within four minutes of the restart when Long ran in on goal, only for Mignolet to partially redeem himself with a vital block.

The Baggies might have extended their lead with 61 minutes gone when Brunt was allowed time and space to drill the ball across the face of goal, where the sliding Long only just failed to make contact. Peter Odemwingie blasted inches wide after cutting inside from the right with 21 minutes remaining, and thereafter he and Long made way for Fortune and Lukaku seconds later. He has been linked with a move to the MLS in America. Playing Today Swansea v Liverpool 3. But the former Tottenham manager is not blaming Hughes for the problems and has told his new charges they need to look at themselves.

We now have to produce in the last two thirds of the season to try and get out of trouble. He could only do what he could do. The players have not performed to their potential. We have to try and get up that table. I remember when I was at Portsmouth and we stayed up with a game to go at Wigan - it was the most fantastic feeling. All eyes will now be on the January transfer market to see who, if anyone, Redknapp opts to bring in to a club which had a high turnover of players under Hughes in the summer.

There are some good players here and we need to get them performing, so come January we might not need too much. Rangers remain rooted to the foot of the table despite taking a second-half lead through Jamie Mackie. Redknapp had seen enough, leaving four minutes from the end to contemplate what he has already admitted represents the biggest challenge of his managerial career. By half-time, Redknapp would have at least been able to content himself that he had something to work with.

Rangers stuck to their de-. Stand-in manager Mark Bowen might even have had a goal to celebrate after Mackie converted an excellent cross from Djibril Cisse, only for the effort to be ruled out by a tight offside call going against him.

After successive defeats at Norwich and Galatasaray, the hosts should have been ready to tear at weakened opponents. Instead, they pawed around in virtual disinterest. You would not have needed. On the previous 21 occasions United had been in such a position, 19 had ended in a home win. Yet, this season at least, as much a feature of United win-.

It had happened in their previous four games so it was no surprise they should fall behind again. Defensively, they were supposed to be getting stronger personnel wise. There was no evidence of it though as United failed to read a short corner and then failed to prevent Kieron Dyer getting down the by-line. Within minutes, Adel Taarabt had curled a free-kick narrowly over.

The change took a little while to have any discernable effect, but eventually, United brought themselves level. He cannot have expected Evans to have picked up the mantle. Prior to this season, the Northern Irishman had only scored one United goal. If that goal was well received, the one Fletcher got to put the hosts ahead from another Rooney corner triggered an emotional reaction from the Scot.

Hernandez was soon tucking home his ninth of the season as QPR showed their brittle side again, completing a disastrous nine-minute spell which underlined why they are in so much trouble. Clint Hill had a header cleared off the line by Rafael before the end, although by then, Redknapp had gone anyway. And though in Limassol the soup kitchen serves people daily, parish priests across Nicosia collectively help 1, families, and more keep coming.

The voting includes a money box system, where visitors can Organiser: Natalia Kardash On show: Imaginative light display donate money to their favourite entries. The fair takes care of that too. Police spokesman Andreas Angelides said the police would intensify anti-gambling campaigns during the Christmas holiday season when leisurely Cypriots like to gamble.

Medical, fire or police services can be reached on these numbers.

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