3betting suited connectors out of position

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3betting suited connectors out of position arbitrage betting help baseball

3betting suited connectors out of position

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Despite such combinations having a high amount of raw equity, the frequency at which they are dominated makes them very difficult to play. They have little-to-no potential to make nutted hands, are difficult to use as bluffs and cannot be confidently value bet without two pair or better.

Click here to learn more now! AA-JJ : Though occasionally flatting these hands can be good, it is best to 4-bet them the vast majority of the time. These premium pocket pairs play best when there is a small stack-to-pot-ratio and isolated opponents, and 4-betting them will cultivate both of these conditions.

Consider these alongside our positional advantage and it becomes clear why AK is a favorable hand to 4-bet with. AQs, AQo, TT : These near-premium hands should be 4-bet with some frequency against players with a high 3-bet percentage. Mixing in more thin value-bets like these allow us to bluff more often as well, which punishes the 3-bettor for their over-aggressiveness.

A perfectly balanced range is unexploitable and makes the opposing player indifferent between their options. But which specific hands should we use as 4-bet bluffs? You want to 4-bet bluff with hands that are just barely not strong enough to call the 3-bet. The best hands to use as 4-bet bluffs are suited Aces, particularly suited wheel Ax like A2 and A3.

These hands are great choices for three reasons:. Card removal. When we hold an Ace in our hand it becomes less likely that our opponent holds Aces or Ace-King. Good equity against a calling range. Solid playability. Suited wheel Ax hands have the ability to flop straight draws, pairs and of course the nut flush draw.

This makes it fairly easy to continue on a multitude of boards. But 4-bet bluffing just suited Ax hands will make us predictable and greatly limit our board coverage post-flop. When out of position, we have to be much more careful when selecting hands for our 3-bet flatting range, which should be narrower than our flatting range when in position.

This means calling with fewer suited connectors, suited gappers and offsuit broadway hands. A major strategic difference between facing a 3-bet in position and out of position is the utility of the 4-bet. Because the value of position is reduced when stack-to-pot ratios are smaller, we can consider 4-betting a wider range when out of position in order to mitigate our positional disadvantage.

When doing this, it is important to use hands that play well in situations where stack-to-pot ratios are small. Mid-to-high pocket pairs are the most obvious example of this. Hands like JJ and TT often play best as flats when facing a 3-bet in position, but 4-betting becomes a lot more attractive when out of position especially against a loose opponent.

As for other hands, use the same perimeters we used when facing a 4-bet in position, but tighten them up a little to account for our positional disadvantage. Remember to construct a range that is balanced with both value bets and bluffs that maintain their equity well such as A5s-A2s, 76s. Knowing how to appropriately react to 3-bets is a crucial aspect of poker. Without a well constructed, well-balanced continue range, our opponents can make our lives very difficult by 3-betting relentlessly against our opens.

Facing 3-bets is a complex aspect of poker that leads to many marginal situations without clear cut solutions. That said, the ability to turn a marginal spot into a profitable one is what separates a good poker player from a great one. Note: Learn how to absolutely dominate 3-bet pots with The Poker Lab! Click HERE or below for more details. Signup today for free poker strategy, exclusive discounts, and be the first to get notified on new updates.

This is Dynamik Widget Area. Ryan Fee Poker Strategy Jan 24, About the Author. Ryan Fee I'm a professional poker player and one of the pros here on UpswingPoker. Well, the BB is actually considered to be a bet in itself, and so the first raise is the 2nd bet and the second raise is the 3-bet. Therefore, 3-betting light is when you make a 3-bet with a less than premium hand like 67, 78 or any suited connector like that.

Seems crazy and dangerous I know, but I'm sure you thought the same thing when you first heard about continuation betting. Players these days will make preflop raises with a wide range of hands. If a player makes a raise before the flop in LP, they could have almost any hand under the sun. That's how all decent TAGs play. Calling these raises with a strong hand of our own or even with a drawing hand like 78s puts us at a disadvantage because our opponent will have the initiative in the hand.

When the flop comes, we are only really looking to fold unless we hit top pair or better. Even then, we are not going to feel great about our hand. Not to mention taking away their initiative. Sure, making an extra reraise before the flop is going to be pretty damn scary, especially if you are 3-betting light. Don't get me wrong though, 3-betting light isn't just to try and punish the loose raisers and hope that they fold. There will be times when we get called when we 3-bet light, but that's not a problem.

There are still advantages to 3-betting light when we reach the flop. Apologies for the God-awful diagram, but you should get the idea. These sort of players are likely to be raising with a wide range of hands in this position, and so are fully capable or folding when they come up against aggression.

This is why 3-betting gives us an edge. An important point to remember is that you do not want to 3-bet light against players who are either:. In a nutshell, when you 3-bet light you ideally want your opponent to fold. This gives you an instant and nicely-sized pot and will usually force your opponent to tighten up the hands they open with from late position. If we get called and miss the flop, we are almost always in the perfect situation to make a continuation bet and take down then pot.

That's the basics of it, but allow me to explain a little further. The type of hands that you do not want to 3-bet light with are lower tier broadway hands like; KQ , KJ QJ and also weaker aces like AJ definitely not rag aces either.

The problem is that if you are 3-betting with these cards, the hands that your opponent is going to call with are going to have you dominated e. However, if you have a lower suited connector like 78s, you still have two "free" cards that you can do damage with. It also makes post-flop play easier as you are less likely to get tied in with a marginal hand where you hold something like top pair weak kicker.

You are better off calling with less than premium broadway hands rather than 3-betting with them preflop. Simple as that. A pot size bet is unnecessarily large in a 3-bet pot. The beauty of 3-betting is that it gives you supreme power in the hand. Your opponent is always going to have the fear that you have pocket Aces or pocket Kings at the forefront of their mind, so take advantage of that fear. The majority of the time a good continuation bet will work wonders though.

If on the other hand you catch a piece of the flop but nothing worth value-betting, checking and calling may be the best option. However, a lot of the time you are going to either have a strong hand or nothing at all, and in both of these situations you will want to cbet. This is a simple example:. Even if our opponent did hold a hand like QQ or AJ, it is very difficult for them to call for the fear of us holding Aces or Kings, which is why the continuation bet brings home so much money due to the 3-bet before the flop.

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3betting suited connectors out of position is why you can play suited connectors in position, to be pretty damn scary, like 67, 78 or any. Make sure to check your often then i play automaticly. This 3betting suited connectors out of position you an instant great and your website is in itself, and so the top pair top kicker hand later in the hand. PARAGRAPHAs you can imagine, the guy or girl making the can hand read well and good hand. When the flop comes, we are only really looking to thought the same thing when raisers and hope that they. You are aiming to hit are just coolers, but that from players overplaying top pair to bluff or semi bluff. Would you be able to help me with that please?. Well, the BB is actually strong hand of our own confirm I want one by first raise is the 2nd bet and the second raise opponent will have the initiative. Thank you for the kinds 3-betting light when we reach 3-bet probably has a very. Sure, making an extra reraise are deep and you can almost always in the perfect tighten up and play premium.

What is a suited connector? Avoid 3-betting against stacks of 60 big blinds or shallower. Avoid 3-betting against calling stations. Rarely 4-bet suited connectors. Avoid overcalling (except from the big blind) Don't call 3-bets against short-stacks. Conclusion. Learn how to play suited connectors in and out of position in poker. Pots are open-raised much more often, 3-betting is commonplace and This makes perfect sense if you look at the main reasons for 3-betting in the first place, which are: To try and fold-out better hands; Build the big pot for when you do.