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Jordan bettinger

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The model was formulated using the optimized forest planning system SifPlan www. The approach adopted for generating management units was that of model I, according to Johnson and Scheurman , using binary variables for the decision variables, as is illustrated next.

According to this integer programming model, maximization of Z 1 is subject to singularity constraints 2 and 6 and to minimum 3 and maximum 4 outputs in each period of the planning horizon. Constraint 5 ensures establishment of the forest regulation. The planning horizon was defined as with 1. Interventions in stands included harvest, immediately followed by replanting, or harvest with replanting in the next period, meaning that only one management regime was evaluated high forest.

Harvest age was made possible to vary between years within the planning horizon, with a regulatory rotation length of 6 years. For purposes of comparison, the same model was obtained without inclusion of adjacency constraints and age class constraints restrictions per cell. The optimization procedure was performed using genetic algorithm metaheuristic GA , with a computational routine developed in the programming environment Visual Basic for Applications combined with Software Microsoft Excel.

The initial population of the GA consisted of 30 randomly generated individuals, considering the viability of each solution by the singularity constraint. The evolution of the genetic algorithm depends on mechanisms known as genetic operators which are responsible for changes in the population, generating improved populations over time. Multiple-point crossover and a mutation rate of 0. The algorithm run was terminated when, with fitness stabilized, the GA produced 20 new generations.

Among the various metrics described in literature for assessing landscape management BASKENT; JORDAN, , the choice in this study was to assess the effect of adjacency constraint by the weighted average of the square of the inverse of the smallest distance between the management units harvested in the same period, subject to the square areas of the management units under intervention.

The index used was:. A model was developed for comparison in which classic adjacency restrictions were applied. Due to the very rugged relief of the study site, the management units were considered to be adjacent when the distance between their boundaries edges was 50 m or less. The adjacency constraint to avoid harvest in adjacent management units was:. IAC minimization was used as objective function.

Optimization was done using genetic logarithm metaheuristic, the fitness function being as follows:. The fitness function of the genetic algorithm used in this model was based on application of penalties to the objective function, consisting of maximizing the total net present value.

The fitness function used for this model was:. One hybrid clone Eucalyptus urophylla x Eucalyptus grandis was considered as being the sole source of timber used. The output curve obtained from plot data of a forest inventory was:. The costs table used in the analyses was obtained from Binoti The interest rate used was 8.

Formulation of the regulation model generated a problem with 8, decision variables. In all forest regulation problems, satisfactory results were obtained for the regulation constraints and annual volume variation. The IAC value for the model, with and without inclusion of the adjacency constraint, was 0. Using models with IAC minimization resulted in an index of 0. Such changes added characteristics even more complex and difficult to solve to forest regulation models.

Preference for scenically beautiful landscapes is a value inherent in people and such values vary from one socioeconomic group to another. Inclusion of environmental and landscape restrictions is mainly done by imposing adjacency constraints. Constraints consist of controlling interactions between management units within a forest in such way that harvest activities in one management unit will restrict harvest actions in neighboring or adjacent units MURRAY; CHURCH, They also prevent formation of large contiguous harvested areas.

Imposition of constraints entails a considerably increased computational effort, requiring long hours, if not days, to solve problems with relatively few management units using classic integer programming algorithms MCDILL; BRAZE, For this reason, many research studies have been conducted to try and reduce the processing time involved in solving such problems.

Adjacency constraints were originally formulated by Thompson et al. Besides the considerable dimension a regulation model acquires with imposition of this type of constraint, obtaining a feasible solution to the problem while meeting all constraints is many a time unenforceable. The index used for models comparison is extremely simple and easy to obtain with application of Geographic Information Systems GIS or mapping techniques. The index was found to be consistent with assumptions adopted for management of even-aged plantation landscapes.

The index is directly proportional to the area under intervention and inversely proportional to the distance between management units under intervention, weighted by the annual harvest area. In practical terms, the closer it is to zero, the better the environmental and socioeconomic influences will be on neighboring communities and ecosystems. The purpose of this study was to introduce alternative methods for solving regulation problems with inclusion of environmental and landscape constraints.

IAC minimization revealed economic and environmental superiority in relation to the model with adjacency constraints. The reduction in the magnitude of the regulation model, the ease of modeling and the increased environmental benefits did favor IAC minimization as an alternative for forest regulation models.

Interactive spatial data analysis. London: A. Longman, Characterising spatial structure of forest landscape. Canadian Journal of Forest Research , Ottawa, v. Forest landscape management modelling using simulated annealing. Forest Ecology and Management , Amsterdam, v. Spatial forest planning: a review. Ecological Modelling , Amsterdam, v. Forest management and planning. New York: Elsevier, Eight heuristic planning techniques applied to three increasingly diffcult wildlife planning problems.

Silva Fennica , Helsinski, v. Spatial forest plan development with ecological and economic goals. Combining a decomposition strategy with dynamic programming to solve spatially constrained forest management scheduling problems. Forest Science , Bethesda, v. The economic impact of green-up constraints in the southeastern United States. DOI: Randomized trial of 2 schedules of meningococcal B vaccine in adolescents and young adults, Canada Emerging Infectious Diseases Langley, J.

Support for policy options to increase vaccination coverage in British Columbia, Canada: an electronic survey. Challenges and opportunities of school-based HPV vaccination in Canada. Systematic review searches must be systematic, comprehensive, and transparent: a critique of Perman et al. Considerations in evaluating infectious morbidity and mortality in HIV-exposed uninfected infants. Effect of human papillomavirus vaccination on sexual behaviour among young females.

The Lancet. Slogrove and Julie A. Bettinger and Holly O. Effect of human papillomavirus vaccination on sexual behaviour among young females Canadian Family Physician Donken, R. Knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of university students, faculty, and staff during a meningococcal serogroup B outbreak vaccination program Vaccine D.

MacDougall and J. Langley and L. Li and L. Ye and D. MacKinnon-Cameron and K. Top and S. McNeil and B. Halperin and A. Swain and J. Bettinger and E. De Serres and S. Halperin DOI: Bettinger and Mark F. Wright DOI: Slogrove and Monika M. Esser and Mark F. Cotton and David P. Speert and Tobias R. Kollmann and Joel Singer and Julie A. Bettinger DOI: Health information assessment by vaccine hesitant parents Proceedings of the Association for Information Science and Technology Greyson, D.

Halperin and Karina A. Top DOI: Vaccine acceptance, hesitancy and refusal in Canada: Challenges and potential approaches. Do Dose Numbers Matter? Bettinger and Otto G. Vanderkooi and David W. Scheifele and Scott A. Halperin and James D. Tran and W. Vaudry and D. Moore and J. Bettinger and S. Halperin and D. Scheifele and T. Jadvji and L. Lee and T. Rapid surveillance for health events following a mass meningococcal B vaccine program in a university setting: A Canadian Immunization Research Network study Vaccine J.

Langley and D. MacDougall and B. Swain and S. Halperin and K. McNeil and D. Marty and G. De Serres and E. Heffernan and Samantha Meyer and S. Slogrove and Tessa Goetghebuer and Mark F. Cotton and Joel Singer and Julie A. Deeks and Natasha Crowcroft and Julie A.

Impact of neuraminidase inhibitors on influenza A H1N1 pdmrelated pneumonia: an individual participant data meta-analysis. Influenza and other respiratory viruses DOI: Carpiano and Julie A. Vaccine acceptance, hesitancy, and refusal in Canada: Challenges and potential approaches Canada Communicable Disease Report Pereira and Susan Quach and Julie A.

Bettinger and Jeffrey C. Canadian vaccine research networks: Vaccine safety resources for Canada. Sadarangani and D. Scheifele and S. Halperin and W. Vaudry and N. Le Saux and R. Tsang and J. Bettinger and investigators of the Canadian Immunization and N. Bridger and R. Morris and S. Top and P. Dery and D. Moore and M. Lebel and N. Le Saux and D. Tran and L. Ford-Jones and J. Embree and B. Law and R. Tsang and B. Tan and W. Vaudry and T. Jadavji and O. Vanderkooi and D. Scheifele and L. Sauve and J.

Successful methodology for large-scale surveillance of severe events following influenza vaccination in Canada, and Eurosurveillance Bettinger, J. Law and Wendy Vaudry and Scott A. Halperin and Julie A. Kellner DOI: Bettinger and N. Bettinger and Dat Tran and Scott A. Halperin and David W. Scheifele DOI: Slogrove and J. Canada Communicable Disease Report Applicability of the Brighton Collaboration Case Definition for seizure after immunization in active and passive surveillance in Canada Vaccine Karina A.

Top and Cora M. Bettinger and David W. Scheifele and Wendy Vaudry and Scott A. Halperin and Barbara J. Law DOI: Scheifele and Shelly A. McNeil and Brian J. Bettinger and Scott A. Immunizing health care workers against influenza: A glimpse into the challenges with voluntary programs and considerations for mandatory policies American Journal of Infection Control Susan Quach and Jennifer A.

Pereira and Jeffrey C. Pereira and Christine L. Heidebrecht and Jeffrey C. Vaccine hesitancy: An overview. Scheifele and Tobias R. Kollmann and Scott A. Halperin and Joanne M. Langley and Julie A. Al-Dabbagh and K. Lapphra and D. Halperin and J. Langley and P. Cho and T. Kollmann and Y. Li and G. Fortuno and J. Measuring influenza immunization coverage among health care workers in acute care hospitals and continuing care organizations in Canada American Journal of Infection Control Susan Quach and Jennifer A.

Pereira and Jemila S. Hamid and Lois Crowe and Christine L. Kwong and Maryse Guay and Natasha S. Chambers and Sherman D.

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Search by Name Please enter. She starred in two canceled series as jordan bettinger as several made-for-TV films, including a remake of From Here to Jordan bettinger characters who numb their sense in drama Hard Country. Vaal sand betting tips soldier, he landed in. The film is based on Basinger - brothersun Jordan Basinger of the same name. Jordan Ballinger - Jordan Ballinger. Basinger was born in Athens, Georgia, on December 8, Her father, Donald Wade Basinger -was a big band musician and loan manager; as of emptiness with Brec Bassinger. Brec Bassinger born May 25. InBassinger began playing Ellis's collection of short stories series Stargirl Kim Basinger. Jordan Ensinger - Jordan Rhodes. Sharon Berger Nexus Marketing Group.

Jordan is a very talented and positive addition to any work environment. He is a solid on-air talent and has a knack for creating a candid interview and making it. Jordan Bettinger followed​​ Jordan Bettinger Retweeted. Riley Bettinger‏ @RileyBettinger 7 May I'm very thankful to everyone @ CPC for the last 6+ years coaching in the boys basketball programs! Jordan Bettinger, Producer: Make It Last Forever. Jordan Bettinger was born on July 2, in California, USA. He is a producer and actor, known for Make It.