superfecta horse racing betting for dummies

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Superfecta horse racing betting for dummies crypto currency price

Superfecta horse racing betting for dummies

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We provide information on how to betincluding types of wagers, how parimutuel wagering works, plus tips on how to structure your bets.

Superfecta horse racing betting for dummies Get free delivery with Amazon Prime. Below are the exotic wagers offered by Churchill Downs this weekend:. Page Flip. The lower cost allows players to use more horses on their tickets without having to break the bank. The horse you pick to win is your key horse. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.
Superfecta horse racing betting for dummies In essence, you are wagering against everyone else in a competitive format. If it comes in third, you get show. Sports betting schemes you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. Let's say you are looking at a four race sequence where you like the following horses in each race:. For example, let's say you like the 1 to win, but think the 2, 3 and 4 might finish second. Challenging wager that has become very popular in recent years.
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So you might place bets for , , , and so on, hoping that you have the top four horses correct. Again, this is feasible, if you can make cent wagers—or, like anything else in this work, you have a bigger bankroll. If you happen to visit another country and gamble at their parimutuel betting venues, you might find the superfecta bet under a different name. Here are a few of the aliases of the superfecta bet in the global gaming community. Skip to content. Table Of Contents.

Reviews Expand child menu Expand. Sports Betting Expand child menu Expand. Daily Fantasy Sports Expand child menu Expand. While not the most efficient method of betting the superfecta, a superfecta wheel is a much better option than a superfecta box, as it allows you to reduce your costs based on probabilities. For example, if you like one horse to finish first or second, and can narrow the remainder of the field down to five contenders, you could play your key horse to finish first and second over your remaining five contenders in second, third and fourth and first, third and fourth.

Obviously the more cost efficient superfecta bet is to key a horse. The most efficient method of playing the superfecta is to find more than one key horse and use other multiple contenders to fill out the remaining positions in the superfecta. This was an especially productive strategy at smaller tracks where the superfecta pools were decent yet not large enough to cover every possible combination.

In the days of pool scooping, you would also play your above three horses with ALL in all remaining spots, to in an effort to cover as many combinations as possible. For example, to key your three main horses with ALL others in all possible spots, the superfecta tickets would be as follows:. In the above scenario, your three main key horses would all have to finish somewhere in the first four positions, but you would be surprised how many times this simple strategy produces one of the few winning superfecta tickets — and thus a large profit.

In fact, in the above scenario, you might also take the whole superfecta pool without having all the correct horses on your ticket. So the order of finish is So you have the first three finishers but not the fourth. In some cases, because of the small pools and the inability of other bettors to cover all possible superfecta combinations, nobody has a winning ticket on the combination In this case, the whole superfecta pool would be paid out to anyone holding the ticket ALL — which you have with your ticket that reads ALL with 2,4,10 with 2,4,10 with 2,4, Another favorite superfecta wagering strategy is to key a pair of horses to finish in certain positions with a number of others.

For example:. Which would you rather have? While you will cash a lower number of winning superfecta tickets using the wheel and part-wheel superfecta wagering strategies, your net profit will be much higher — assuming your handicapping is relatively sound. Good handicapping is essential, but creativity in structuring your bets to cover the highest number of probable combinations for the least amount of money is the real key to profitable superfecta betting.

Straight Superfecta Betting The simplest of all superfecta wagering strategies, a straight superfecta bet covers the least amount of combinations for the least amount of money.


You would then have played six combinations: , , , , and The most conservative wager in racing and your safest chance at cashing a ticket. Pays a bit better than show, but you won't get rich on this path. Most traditional bet type and still one of the best. A more conservative approach than the exacta, hence a smaller return. Because exacta boxes are essentially the same thing, not all tracks offer quinellas. You're beginning to take risks, but the rewards sweeten.

Experienced horse players often box, key or formulate partial wheels based on their opinions see below. Now, you're pushing your luck! Very popular wager with big returns if you can conquer it. Experienced horse players often box, key or formulate partial wheels based on their opinions. A major thrill-seeking wager for a single race.

Good luck, but note that the odds are against you. The cent superfecta has become a very popular wager in recent years. The lower cost allows players to use more horses on their tickets without having to break the bank.

The ultimate thrill-seeking wager for a single race. The Super High Five most often is offered just once daily on a racing program, customarily the last race of the day. Both must win in order for you to collect. Often held on the first two races and the last two races of the day. All three must win in order for you to collect. Much tougher than the daily double, but payoffs typically make up for it. Experienced horse players often use more than one horse in each race of the pick three sequence box, but the more horses you use, the higher the cost of your ticket.

All four must win in order for you to collect. Challenging wager that has become very popular in recent years. Experienced horse players often use more than one horse in each race of the pick four sequence box, but the more horses you use, the higher the cost of your ticket. All five must win in order for you to collect. The more horses you use, the higher the cost of your ticket. Due to the imprecise nature of the name as opposed to other bets such as the trifecta , superfecta bets can sometimes require selecting more than four horses.

For instance, the New South Wales TAB in Australia previously offered a superfecta bet on selected races requiring bettors to pick the first six finishers in the correct order, rather than four. The bet requiring the selection of four finishers in order is instead referred to by most Australian totalisators as a First Four bet or in Western Australia as a Quartet [1]. Although the first-six superfecta bet is still theoretically allowed by New South Wales regulations, [2] the First Four bet has all but replaced it there.

This type of wager is called quadrifecta in Brazil and cuatrifecta in Argentina and Uruguay "quad-fecta". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Look up superfecta in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Accessed on Categories : Sports betting Horse racing.